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This issue celebrates the coming of spring, of course with our usual twist. Going right to the stories we have a new story from Andy Hollis for all you centaur lovers entitled Life Sentence. We also have an exclusive, a joyful little tale of morphs in space from Phil Geusz entitled Noblesse Oblige. There is yet another funny bunny tale entitled Delivery Troubles from Eric "Otter" Vary, and Don Conejote, a joint effort and a truly punny story for which Andy Hollis and I both apologize in advance.

This issue's final story has a special warning preceding it, our first ever. Concentration is a dark tale that deals with death and human depravity.

Also in this issue is the second part of our survey. Last issue we asked for your recommendations for best transformation related web-site and you have spoken. This month you get to tell us whose site is NUMERO UNO.

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The Story Art for Oops!

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