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by Eric "Otter" Vary
©1999 Oren the Otter -- all rights reserved

Well, it's that time once again. Pretty soon, Peter Cottontail will be hopping down the bunny trail, hiding his Easter Eggs for good little boys and girls and mustelids.

Last year, I didn't have a whole lot of luck, so I made a list of all the places to look for Easter Eggs this year. Let's see... where did I put that list... Fish bones, seaweed... ah! Here it is.

Places to look for Easter Eggs

In the Easter basket: Who would think to look where they're going to be putting their eggs anyway?

In Mr. and Mrs. Robin's nest... Very clever, Peter, only Mr. Robin is now demanding to know where his wife got the thing.

Anywhere near the burrow of Old Man Skunk. Nobody even wants to look there.

Under the big rock... eeew, what a mess.

On Mrs. Beaver's deck chair. Now she thinks she's part platypus.

Underwater. Mine! Yes! Ha ha! I'm the only one who can get these... Hey! Darn you, you stupid turtle!

In the fridge! Aha! Clever bunny, painting them white to match all the other eggs, but I know that they're hard boiled. Tap. Tap. Oh, oh. MOP! MOP!

In the chipmunk's hole. No, it's not an acorn. Give it. Give it!

The Squirrels' weapons stockpile for when they take over the world. Ain't nobody getting that egg.

All done. I look in my basket and count my eggs. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Goose egg. Well, maybe not a goose egg, because that would still be an egg.

With a long face I sit down on my seaweed blankets, and feel a hard lump underneath me. Pulling the blankets aside, I find a brightly colored can of salmon!


Thanks, Peter Cottontail!

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