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Favorite Websites

It's taken two issues, but the survey is done and the winners are read to give their acceptance speeches. We have awards in three categories: favorite furry website, favorite mixed website, and favorite human website. So now, without further ado, the envelopes please.


The nominees were: Deranged Kitsune's Furry Links, Goldenmane's Site, the Lair of the Weremoose, Otter's Pond, and Gerbil Net.

And the winner, with 47.37% of the vote, is:

Otter's Pond


The nominees were: the Transformation Graphics Archive, the Transformation Story Archive, and the TSA-Talk IRC Channel.

And the winner, with 68.42% of the vote, is:

Transformation Story Archive


The nominees were: Fictionmania, Sapphire's Place, and the Transforming Love Ring.

And the winner, with 34.21% of the vote, is:


The winners may collect their TSATIE awards immediately.

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