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by Deranged Kitsune
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This is the first of a series of columns.
Each will review two sites that might be of interest to "furry fans."
We hope you enjoy.
-- Editor

Mia's Index of Anthro Stories

There are a great many story archives on the internet today that revolve around furry stories. The Transformation Story Archive is one of them, Belfry Archives is another, and Furry Pleasures is a third, and those are just a few of the well known ones. The task of keeping up with all these stories becomes enormous, at least for most of us, and that's where Mia's comes in.

This site is, literally, HUGE! It contains hundreds of stories, all dealing with furries in one way or another. A good number of TSA authors are on there as well.

For convenience, the index is navigable several ways. First is by author name, listing all the works done by those people. Next is by story title, when there is no one particular that you're looking for. Best of all, though, is the feature that allows navigation by species name. This is quite useful if you're in the mood for a particular type of furry fiction. But those are just the central ways. Mia's also links their stories with different defining elements. Stuff like adult (many sub categories there), non-English, anthology, transformation, non-fiction, plushie, and many more ranging in rating from G to XXX. Select stories also receive ratings by the site maintainers, highlighting good stories, bad stories, HORRID stories and must-reads. Lastly, there is a new (if admittedly a little buggy) search engine on the American server. So, with a little work and perseverance, it's not too difficult to find a story to suit your particular taste, and considering that this index spans the entire net, it can keep one occupied for a good, long while.

So, if you're in the mood for furry stories of varying caliber and content, this is definitely the site to visit.

Main German Server
American Mirror

Tails from The Mynarski Forest

A furry comic dealing with a classic odd couple. In this case it's a jittery cottontail rabbit named Skippy (middle name Fluffy) who has teamed up with a sociopathic vixen named Liska (Fox in Czech) for mutual survival benefits in a fictional forest in Alberta, Canada.

Skippy has the brains of the duo, with Liska possessing a worldly charm, always dragging her hapless friend around the forest. Skippy tends to play the straight man to Liska during these antics. Those have consisted of an adventurous trip to the dump, being captured by a family of humans, learning how unappetizing a fox's diet really is, sampling different vintages of radiator fluid, and even being treed and terrorized by a vengeful squirrel. The cast includes Liska's smart-aleck friend Mitties, the local farm cat; Heywood, a translocated swift fox who got a wee bit too many tranquilizers on the way over; Finch, Skippy's occasional straight-coon; and a few other characters that show from time to time.

They all combine to add a rather zany air to the strip. Mynarski Forest is a weekly strip done in the classic colored Saturday newspaper format. There are over 120 strips currently, and the artwork improves noticeably as one progresses. It is not "high art" nor anything likely to garner awards, but Mynarski Forest is a fun, and often quite sarcastic, romp, and is worth reading all the way though.

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