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One and Counting
by Jeffrey M. Mahr
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Who said numbers were boring? And no, before you ask, I am not an accountant.

I think numbers are wonderful things, especially for TSAT. These are some of my favorites...

  1. ONE -- TSAT has been around for one full year thanks to the diligent efforts of its volunteer workforce. While that may not seem like a long time, it means that we've lasted as long as the average electronic magazine on the Internet. From now on, we're beating the curve.
  2. FOUR -- Over this year we've introduced four new artists to our readers, artists whose material might never have been seen by people interested in transformation fiction.
  3. FIVE -- Over this year we've introduced five new authors to our readers, authors whose first story for an audience interested in transformation fiction, appeared in TSAT.
  4. SIX -- TSAT has published six issues, once every two months and we're proud to note that we have not once missed our publication deadline. Try it -- "it ain't easy".
  5. TWENTY-NINE OF THIRTY -- That is, twenty-nine of the thirty stories we've published this year have never before been seen by the readers of TSA-Talk, stories that might never have been seen were it not for TSAT.
  6. TWELVE THOUSAND -- More than 12,000 people have clicked through to our site since it's inception.

And the really great part about these numbers is that they are constantly changing, transforming into larger and larger numbers, which means more and more great stories, art, and who knows what else is to come, for our readers.

From all of us, to all of you, thanks... and "y'all come back now".

Jeffrey M. Mahr
September 30, 1999

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