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by Jeffrey M. Mahr
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When TSAT came into being, one of its dreams was to encourage better and better writing in a genre ignored by many. It was then, and still is now, our hope to eventually transition from the fanzine we are now into a semi-pro zine, where our contributors receive payment for their work with the production staff consists of volunteers.

Why bother? Well, because to quote a very old regional commercial (some of you who received the NYC television stations a couple of decades ago and tended to be up into the wee hours may remember it), "Money Talks, Nobody Walks." The best way to truly increase the quality and quantity of the material in the TF/TG/Furry genre is to pay people to write what we want to read. It's good for us: We get new and interesting stories about topics we like. It's good for the author/artist: They don't have to create in the spare moments afforded them when they are not working because they've been able to blend their real life needs for the things money provides (you all remember them -- stuff like food, clothing and shelter) with their avocation (e.g, the stuff we like -- TF related stories and art).

Have I heard any yawns yet? Don't go! Just a bit more and then the good stuff. But first, in case anyone doesn't know, ePublishing is one of the more effective ways to pay writers to write what you want. Most offer a range of selections and the opportunity to preview a portion of the material before you buy. Also, because they send the material to you electronically, a huge chunk of the normal publishing process is avoided so prices are often delightfully low. The only catch is that a credit card is needed.

Now. If you've actually gotten this far, this is the good part. In case anyone has not heard, ePublishing has come to the genre. Starfire Systems eBooks at


has just begun with stories from Phil Geusz and Bob Stein with a promise of more to come in the future. Interested authors should contact Ron Kimball at


See? Told you I had good news!

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