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It's the Spells 'R' Us issue -- uh, wait a minute, that's not right, it just seems that way. When we went looking for new stories in any of the existing story universes for this issue most of our authors chose to write about that endearing old wizard. And can you blame them, this guy's "way cool" -- so cool we even wangled an exclusive interview with him.

My favorite story this issue is Andy Hollis' All This and I Can Fly, Too, a wild romp through a place called Bennett City where Andy managed to catch up to the wizard for that interview. We also have a case of dueling authors in this issue. Unwilling to let Andy have the last word, Paul Carmichael presents Talrin's Great Adventure -- another perspective of the events leading to the loss of two of TSAT's more prolific writers, which, at the author's request, should be read after Andy's. Before you ask, they're not dead, just stuck in Bennett City, in a different plane of the multiverse, and communication has been sketchy, so if you see them please drop them a line. By the way, this is a not too subtle hint -- SUBMIT STORIES.

Two of the three other stories in this issue are from Hawkyn -- Dragon's Breath and Hijack -- in the story universe he created and debuted in TSAT -- Darkspire Park -- and the old man still manages a cameo in one of them. I won't tell you which one. You'll have to read them to find out.

We also have another classic from the archives of TSA-Talk. Paul Carmichael's The Cat's Tenth Life is... well, let's just say it mixes cats (Duh!), magic grandfather clocks, greedy relatives, a monstrous mansion, and computer phobia.

Our final story this issue, is an homage to the classic short stories that abound in the Spells 'R' Us universe. Andy and Jeff coauthored Marnie Becomes Eclectic and the name really does tell it all.

But TSAT is more than just stories. Aatheus Centauri and Deranged Kitsune aren't with us this month -- another subtle hint to click on their names and e-mail them to tell them how you like their work if you want more. But Oren the Otter is back with his otterish ponderings on the whichness of what and with a MUST READ interview with Bill Holbrook, the cartoonist who does Kevin and Kell. After reading the interview, check out our Art section for some of the strips Bill's generously loaned TSAT. This man does really good work.

Let's see -- what else is there? Oh yeah, check out the humor images for two new ones. Also, thank you to those of you who took the time to vote for their favorite story of the last year. Click on the name to reread this excellent story. The winner was...

The Everchanging Gift
by Andy Hollis

Well that's enough for now, except to point out that the theme of our next issue is "The Kitchen Sink" and we're challenging our writers to throw as many transformations into a single story they can while still maintaining a plot.

Now enough schmoozing -- get reading.

Jeffrey M. Mahr
Managing Editor
January 31, 2000

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