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An Interview with the Centaur
by Aatheus Centauri
©2000 Aatheus Centauri -- all rights reserved

About a month ago, I interviewed a good friend of mine by the name of Chiron about a costume he's making. Now, I know what you're thinking already. You're probably saying to yourself, "So? What's the big deal? Its just a costume, right?"

Wrong! The costume in question is a centaur fursuit, which Chiron has been building himself for quite a while now. He's quite the centaurophile, and has wanted to be one for quite a long time. I requested to interview him about his costume and himself, and he consented. What follows is the interview we had, with my questions/responses in bold text, and Chiron's indented.

First off, when did you first get an interest in making a fursuit?
Well, I've been trying to figure out a way to construct a centaur costume for about as long as I've wanted to be a centaur, which is a long time. I'd say, for about fifteen years.
And how old are you?
I'm 26.
My, that is a long-term interest.
You have no idea. It's something I've wanted badly for quite a while.
Have you done any other costumes, or are planning any other costumes besides the centaur?
No, not really. A centaur's all I really ever wanted to be, so that's what I have focused on.
How long have you actually been working on the costume so far?
Well, I've been "working" on it for a little over a year. I bought the main 'ingredient', if you will, last Christmas. But time, and more importantly, money, has been pretty tight lately, so I really haven't done much else other than buy the framework and start shopping for 'fur,' if you will.
What has your biggest obstacle been, so far, in constructing the centaur costume, would you say?
Well, the hardest thing has been figuring out how to get the hind legs to move. I'd prefer not to have to drag them around all the time, but actually have them be functional. I've got a couple ways of working this out, one of which is really expensive and complicated, and one of which is cheap and easy, but really cheesy. Hmm. "Cheap" + "easy" = "cheesy?" I always wondered where they got that term.
Have you thought over which one you're most likely going to go for?
I'm afraid the cheap and easy way is looking to be the only feasible route for the short-term, which is also convenient because it will also eliminate the need to contrive respectable-looking hooves, which is not impossible, but difficult, and some form of unguligrade stance.
You can probably improve the design as you gain more experience and acquire more funds, yes?
Chiron nods emphatically.
Okay, we've covered most difficult, now how about the easiest task you've come across in the construction of the costume so far?
Well, the framework with which I've started takes out a lot of the difficulty in shaping the abdomen and hindquarters, something I was afraid I was really gonna have a hard time with. Really, all I need to do is come up with a suitable hide, and some method of simulating musculature, both in shape and texture, and I'm off. I even think it will be strong enough to support the weight of the occasional passenger, which is something I'd really like to be able to do.
Yes, that would certainly add a lot of realism. Hmm, one thing I am wondering is, with the mention of giving a passenger a ride, are you planning to wear your costume to fur and fantasy cons and such?
Well, it would depend on how well it comes out. Also, one must take into consideration that I've never been to a fur or sci-fi con, much as I would like to. I suppose that I would definitely wear it there, as I've seen some pictures of some cool stuff at cons.
Your 'taur costume would be a hit, I'm sure.
Well, I'd like to think so, especially if I could find a way to articulate the hind legs in a suitably convincing fashion that does not hinder the way I walk. But since the "cheap and easy" way involves (boy, do I hate to admit this) rollerblades, I think the fun factor would almost compensate the cheez.
Really? Rollerblades? On the fore and hind legs? Or on just one or the other?
On all four. That's really the only convincing way I can think of. And, like I said, it completely eliminates the need to contrive realistic hooves, or articulated hind legs, as my own legs could serve admirably as equine forelegs, I think. But, boy, I sure wish I could think of something better.
Say, have you heard of the Fursuit mailing list?
No, I haven't. Is it an e-mail list?
Yes. I would imagine you could bounce your ideas off a few people on there. http://www.fursuit.org.
Yeah, that would be neat. Well, though, Aatheus, tell me honestly -- what do you think?
Well, my honest opinion is that there's still a bit that needs thinking over, but overall your suit could, and most likely will, come off very nicely.
Well, I appreciate your saying so, but I think there will be difficulties that may prove insurmountable. And I'd like to use the rollerblades idea only as a last resort, but to try and create something articulated that is not convincing, or doesn't work very well, or is not reliable, is simply not an option. And until I can find a way to reasonably and economically achieve the aforementioned goals, I am afraid I am stuck with the roller'taur.
Yeah. Well, you can always add to it, yes? As you go.
Yes, I suppose there is that. You must think I'm quite the crackpot.
No, in fact. Honestly, your suit concept intrigues me, and I wish you best of luck. A fur joined the Fursuit recently, says in his intro message that he wants to eventually construct and wear a fully articulated foxtaur suit.
That would be awesome, but monumentally difficult, I should think, to pull off. I have to be going soon. Tell me, Aatheus, how is the construction of your own fursuit going?
Well, I sort of came up with a hoofboot design, but they were quite unstable. My arch had no real support.
Hmm... you know, I recently received some images via one of the 'taurlists of someone who constructed a costume of an anthro horse, and they pulled off the hooves and unguligrade stance quite convincingly.
Ah yes, the Beth character.
Yes, that's the one.
She's a cutie. But it looked as though she needed the staff when she walked. I don't think she could stand or walk on her own without it. Not that that would bother me; I'd make the sacrifice for something that looked like that.
I'd say some supports jutting out the back of her feet though, out of the feathering but mostly hidden by it. Probably supported her heel a bit.
Yes, but done tastefully and discreetly. I thought the overall effect was quite convincing.
So did I. I am in envy.
Well, perhaps we both could learn from her.
Aye, though it was her husband who designed the costume, apparently.
One last question, and maybe a couple more. Do you plan to put pics of your suit on a web page, for viewing?
Well, it depends on how much I am able to do, and how well it comes out. If it isn't convincing, I think I would be ashamed to post it.
Well, unless there are any thoughts you'd like to add, I guess I'll close up this interview. Any other thoughts or any comments?
No, not really.
All right then, thank you for your time, and for agreeing to this interview, Chiron!
Thank you, Aatheus, and you're welcome.

As Chiron mentioned, he's 26 and going to college. I hope to meet him someday in RL, maybe even at a furcon he's wearing his 'taur suit to!

Till next time, ciao!

Aatheus Centauri
Fursuited Centaur at Large

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