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TSAT #12, Stories

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Click Here to read Bear Dance
by Phil Geusz

The bright cheerful colors of Mr. Kobold's toy store made it stand out in the dingy neighborhood.
And his toys were magical, even the newspapers said so.

Click Here to read Boobie Trap
by Jeffrey M. Mahr

All I'll say about this is, it's probably not what you think.

Click Here to read Cotton Candy
by Phil Geusz

A Bradbury-esque story involving a young child, questionable parenting skills, and a carnival with some unusual people.

Click Here to read The Dark Hills: Legacy
by Stickmaker

Every family has its black sheep and Billy's family is no exception.
If you had to choose, whose side would you be on, the sheep or the wolves?

Click here to read Opposites Attract
by Sideshow Lew

It's hard to fall in love when you're a werecreature; ask Anya's boyfriend.

Click here to read The Scarlet Whatnot
by Andy Hollis and Paul Carmichael

The beginning of the final saga of the serialized story of Andy, Paul, and a cast of thousands (including me) in Bennett City. This time, they need to get the ex-Lord of Light his sword of power and confront the evil genius who's controlling everything and changing Andy and Paul's stories.

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