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What's new?

"New York, New Jersey, New Mexico..."

Actually, we've got a mix of new and old this issue. The next parts to For Love of Life and Thanks for the Memories are here. For those just coming out of their caves for the first time this decade, the first is my story submission, the second of at least four parts describing the romantic tragedy of the creation of a superhero. The second is from Chuck Bonanno and can only be described as a tour d' farce including one mad doctor, the missing residents of at least one good-sized zoo, and "Mad Cow" disease. I won't say any more. You're going to have to read this one to believe it.

Also in this issue, from the TSA-Talk archives, is Phil Geusz' wonderful detective story, The Edelweiss Killer. It's been re-edited by Phil, so I guess you'd call it the Director's Cut.

The last story in this issue is by Andy Hollis. It's a sequel to the Unicorn Club where a young boy becomes a unicorn mare. In this story, A Lawful Touch, she tries her hand at world saving, dealing with parents, making new friends and dating -- not necessarily in that order.

Finally, we're trying to prove we really have readers. Once again, we're running a story contest. Check it out. Submit. We double dog dare you.

Aw heck. Why stop now? Current plans are to produce a PDF version of TSAT so people can have hardcopies if they wish. We're also considering a e-book version, but only if there are enough readers out there to make it worthwhile. If you want to have TSAT on your Rocket Book, etc, "you're gonna have ta tell us."

Jeffrey M. Mahr
January 31, 2001

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