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by Phil Geusz

From Marc Van Sciver's "Blind Pig" universe (click here for his original story) comes Phil's classic story of a bird-morphed police detective on his most unusual serial murder case ever.

by Jeffrey M. Mahr

The romantic tragedy of the birth of a superhero.

This is the second series of chapters of a serialized story.
This segment includes parts four through six of ten (or so).

The author plans to offer this as an open universe once the initial story is ended
and TSAT will offer prizes for the best stories submitted.

by Andy Hollis

In this continuation of Andy's Unicorn Club story sequence, a young unicorn learns about world saving.

by Charles M. Bonanno

An accountant cooks the books until he gets cancer. His employers decide to introduce him to the scientific genius who will cure him before he gets religion and rats them out. Conveniently, this helps everyone, just not in the way anyone wanted or expected, except maybe good old doc Merit.

This too is a serialized story and part two of four is offered here.

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