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by E.H. Wrangler

When an evil politician (I know, it's an oxymoron) and his brother try to pollute the local water supply, who ya gonna call? A herd of unicorns -- who else?

by Sideshow Lew

This story won first prize in this last story contest. It's a "sword and sorcery" fantasy with a twist. We expect great things from this author. Remember his name.

by Indiana Jones

Don't make the mistake of thinking that, just because this was the judge's second choice in our story contest, it is an inferior story. It is definitely not. This too is a "sword and sorcery" tale well worth the read.

by Mark McDonald

In a future world, where the United States of America is no longer a world power, college students still find ways to entertain themselves. In this case, it's breaking into a warehouse to steal some "skins," hi-tech bodysuits that re-write the genetic structure.

CAUTION: This story contains graphic language.

by Charles M. Bonanno

An accountant cooks the books until he gets cancer. His employers decide to introduce him to the scientific genius who will cure him before he gets religion and rats them out. Conveniently, this helps everyone, just not in the way anyone wanted or expected, except maybe good old doc Merit. This hilarious story is a must read.

This too is a serialized story and the final part is offered here.

by Paul Carmichael

A classic short from the TSA-Talk list involving a changing station.

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