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"Caption that Image"

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The entrants, listed in order of receipt, were:

Joseph Ch'Tah Daniels "I should warn you, I'm a bear before my first cup of java."
Tim 'Osprey' Ziegler "I spent so much time in the Market that they rehired me as their new mascot."
Flare Carrot The Latest Victim:  "Why can't I get service on this damn SRU cellphone???!!"
J. Fryer When my spiritual advisor said I'd be ready to face the next Bear Market, I never thought she was being so damn literal!

...and the winner is:

J. Fryer

Congratulations.  Come on down and take a bow.

The image, with the commentary from J. Fryer has been ensconced in the TSAT Hall of Humor in the Art section.


This space contained the contest rules when #18 was originally posted to the net. TSAT's new masters feel that those rules are now a waste of bandwidth, pure and simple, hence have eliminated them.

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