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The End of the Matter
by Andy Hollis and Paul Carmichael
with a little help from Jason Mitchell
 who was dragged into this venture screaming and kicking

And so, some would say "at last", the saga of the Hollis clan in Bennett City ends. Actually, I'm amazed that it's really over and ended in such a clean and complete fashion. Check it out and see what I mean. In my opinion, this is the best of the series.

Check out the earlier segments of this story.

by Hypatia

This story breaks several traditions for TSAT. It is the only story we've ever published that was not exclusive to this e-zine for the first two months, but that's because the topic is so important.  The second tradition this breaks is our pattern, albeit not intentional, of avoiding politically sensitive material, but I can not think of a more politically sensitive topic than the one this story addresses. As a result, we present this story with a caution, which breaks a third tradition. TSAT has always used this blurb as a brief teaser to interest you, our readers, not scare you.

This is actually three stories. It addresses the aftermath of the recent terrorist bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City. If this topic is still too fresh in your mind, or if the bombings have hit so close to home that you cannot enjoy a fictional story with a plot related to that event, please do not read further. If you find that you still feel too much hatred and anger to read and understand the words -- what they actually say rather than what you might want them to say -- please don't read any further. If you are unwilling or unable to consider the true meanings of words like "justice", "mercy", or "right and wrong", please do not read any further.

With all this said, I will add that we at TSAT are appalled and horrified by the bombings and all the other terrorist events that have occurred and sadly will yet occur in our world. We do not condone those actions, nor does this story. From various long discussion with the author, I believe he feels as appalled and saddened as we are. Despite that, or more likely because of it, he has used this vehicle to help himself, and we hope others, continue the healing process and move beyond the disbelief, anger, deal-making that occur in the initial stages of grieving. There is an important message in these stories, not one that most would expect, but important none the less. If you can, we strongly encourage you to read and think about what this excellent author has to say and encourage you to leave a comment on our message board.

Skin Deep
by Mark McDonald

In a future world, where the United States of America is no longer a world power, college students still find ways to entertain themselves. In this case, it's breaking into a warehouse to steal some "skins," hi-tech bodysuits that re-write the genetic structure. This is the fourth and final installment.

CAUTION: This story contains graphic language.

A Day at the Costume Shop
by Steve Zink
[TSAT Classic] As our readers have pointed out, even transformation vignettes are worthy, especially when written by someone like Steve.

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