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TSAT 20, story index

This is what we (Bard and Long) consider to be the heart of TSAT: the stories. New material...

Sea Change
by Equus and Quentin Long
  Everything has its price, but how much? And who pays?

Skin Deep II, foreword, chapters 0 1 2 3
by Mark McDonald
  Return to a mid-21st Century world of high tech and modern spirituality.

Special features...

Great Sky River, chapter 8
by Gregory Benford
  Thanks to Professor Benford for allowing us to present this excerpt from one of his latest books.

Fine tales gleaned from lesser-known corners of the Net...

A Day in a Year
by Base Hydroxide
  [Web] And you thought all those Celtic legends were just clever myths...

And, of course, wonderful stories which languish in undeserved obscurity through no fault of their own. This issue, TSAT is proud to present a side of a great author which most people have never seen.

The Shadow and the Flash
by Jack London
  [Classic] Two implacable competitors with one common goal -- can either one triumph?

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