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TSAT 22, story index

Our second writing contest (for which we sought horror stories) worked out quite a lot better than the first; this time, we got four entries! Accordingly, TSAT is proud to present the three winning tales, for which thanks are due to (in alphabetical order) Corey Moore, Volk-Oboroten, and Wayne Sheeler!

Progressive Catastrophe
by Wayne Sheeler
  [1st!] Is it paranoia if "they" really are out to get you?

Lure of the Deep
by Volk-Oboroten
  [2nd!] It really is best not to meddle in things Man was not meant to know...

Circus of the Damned
by Corey Moore
  [3rd!] The making of a perfect gentleman, and why not to.

The Angel with the Voice of Ice
by David S. Vaughan
  Evil wears many masks...

Ass Backwoods
by Bill Kieffer
  Life is hard, and then you die. What comes after can be... odd...

Only in Dreams
by Sly Squirrel
  "The course of true love never did run smooth..."

Seizing the Acorn
by Phil Geusz
  [TBP] In which a SCAB must accept his lapine nature before he can violate it.

Skin Deep II
by Mark McDonald
  The continuing familial saga of Michelle Donovan (formerly Michael Vello).

The Shadow Over Innsmouth
by H. P. Lovecraft
  [Classic] Not all the secrets revealed by genealogical research are pleasant ones.

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