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The Assassination of Caterina Valladolid
by Richard Birt
  [TBP] However nasty, ugly, or just plain weird SCABS gets, politics will always be worse...

A Dark and Stormy Night
by Andy Hollis & Jeff Mahr
  The ultimate transgender experience -- it says so, right on the label. Would we lie to you?

Gate Crashing
by Mike Brotzman
  [JLT] No matter how exclusive the party, uninvited guests can be a problem. Sequel to Bridge on the Paulins Kill.

Skin Deep II
by Mark McDonald
  In which McDonald brings his techno-mystical saga to a satisfactory conclusion.

Bridge on the Paulins Kill
by Mike Brotzman
  [TSA] [JLT] If you can't capitalize on it, even the greatest stroke of good fortune is worthless.

by Saki
  [Classic] The lengths to which some people will go -- why, it's absolutely beastly!

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