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'Tis Better to Give...
by The Phantom Websurfer
©2002 Bard and Cubist -- all rights reserved

The Fiscal Quarter of Artificial Stimulus to the Economy (aka the Season of Giving, aka Christmastide) -- not to mention the whole anniversary/birthday thing -- once again being upon us, we at TSAT figured it'd be appropriate for this issue's featured links to focus on stuff suitable for being donated to selected recipients...

Tie and tails: The perfect accessory

It is a fairly common misconception that furry sentients wouldn't bother themselves about clothes. While it's true enough that the need for artificial shielding against inclement weather would be reduced (if not eliminated) if one had a permanent, built-in fur coat, it is equally true that a naked furry has no pockets --

Not another word from you bloody marsupials. Is that understood?

In any case, clothing has never been exclusively functional. In addition to the brute practicality of keeping rain and sleet off of one's skin, humans use clothing as an expression of their individuality or an indication of social status, among other purposes. For a furry, these extra-practical considerations would not be well served by restricting their wardrobe to a single 'suit of clothes' that can only be removed by careful use of a flensing knife.

Thus, the question arises: What do furries wear? One option would be painted-on latex. Although this may not qualify as 'clothing' in the conventional sense, it does have certain advantages. For instance, you never need to worry if it's available in your size...

Want more information? You'll find all the data you could ask for at LICwear.

Li'l Cthulhu and Friends

"Hi, kids! I'm Sanity Clause! Come on over and climb right up on ol' Sanity's lap, and San'ty will tell you about the bestest, niftiest, way-past-coolest toys you'll ever scream yourselves hoarse for! That's right, you just keep on screaming until your parental units succumb to your nascent powers of telepathic domination. And if you're very very very good, San'ty Claus will show you a Big, Spiffy, Double Secret, Super-duper, Kid-Friendly Magic Trick that'll really get the mind control going! Won't that be fun?

"And don't worry, kids! You just give your address to my Deep Elf, and not only will you have a nice, friendly puppy in the house by the time you go to sleep tonight, but once your doggie shows up, San'ty guarantees that your parents won't ever be mean to you again!

"And guess what San'ty's got for you right now? Why, it's a stuffed toy Great Old One -- Li'l Cthulhu, in the non-Euclidian plush! Aren't his fuzzy little bat wings the cutest things you ever did see? And just imagine the look on your parents' faces when they see what he can do with his cute and fuzzy tentacles!

"Come on over to see all the neat stuff in the Toy Vault, and San'ty says you sure won't be sorry!"

If you know of any sites whose subject matter renders them suitable for inclusion in TSAT, send us the URL!

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