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Not only does this issue mark the 4th full year of TSAT's existence, but it also marks the first anniversary of our (Bard's and Cubist's) editorial regime. So we figured we'd do something a little bit special: We got in touch with a select list of TBP authors, asking them for stories having to do with the general theme 'Christmas and SCABs'... and we think you'll like what they came up with. Merry Christmas, one and all!

Ecce Femina (offsite)
by Raven Blackmane
  [TBP] "God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform..."

Another Trophy for the Wall
Sly Squirrel
  [TBP] Determination can take you far -- but not as far as knowing someone else cares...

Bob Stein
  [TBP] Of course the heart is a machine! Otherwise, it wouldn't be able to break.

Common Ground
Phil Geusz
  [TBP] If Christ ever said He was come to divide families, surely He must have been misquoted?

Christmas Resolutions
  [TBP] In which an eternal optimist gets what's really coming to him.

Christmas Rush
Quentin 'Cubist' Long
  [TBP] Jubatus can run, but even he can't hide from the Christmas spirit!

Schroedinger's Dryad
Michael Bard
  [TBP] Visions of past, present, and future: Sue Carter encounters a holiday tradition.

by Hallan Mirayas
 Introspective thoughts
At home, close to those one loves,
Bring hope in winter

The Light Princess
by George MacDonald
  [Classic] Paradox though it be, 'tis a serious thing indeed to lose one's gravity .

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