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Hints, Helpful and Otherwise
by The Phantom Websurfer
©2003 Bard and Cubist -- all rights reserved

Not all ideas are created equal. There are well-intended concepts which would, if implemented, have a wide variety of unpleasant and far-reaching side effects; on the flipside, there are concepts which simply wouldn't have any effects whatsoever (i.e., they'd be completely ineffectual). We'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine which of this issue's links falls into which category...

For the love of God, stop the killing!

There is a menace on this Earth, a truly evil chemical substance which is dumped without regard to its effect on living creatures: DHMO -- di-hydrogen monoxide. DHMO exists in many distinct isomeric forms, all of them deadly. Prolonged contact with DHMO's solid form is known to cause severe tissue damage; even comparatively small quantities of its liquid form can be fatal when ingested; in gaseous form, it can cause severe, life-threatening burns. Although the carcinogenic properties of DHMO have never been scientifically confirmed, nonetheless every cancerous lesion ever tested for DHMO has come up positive. Its primary chemical constituents are a highly flammable explosive and a corrosive, highly reactive poison. DHMO is a vital ingredient in the most polluting industrial processes known to Man; every known military organization and multinational corporation would cease to exist without a steady supply of DHMO. And yet, in spite of the more-than-plentifully abundant evidence of the danger it poses, the use of this noxious chemical continues to proliferate: DHMO has been detected in every body of water on the face of this Earth!

Education is the first line of defense against DHMO. Open your eyes and learn!

Yes, but is it crazy enough?

In Norton Juster's book The Phantom Tollbooth, the people of Dictionopolis get their half-baked ideas from the local half-bakery. That being the case, we don't think it at all coincidental that The Half-Bakery is the name of a website devoted to putting odd and interesting notions on display for public discussion. Any such notion can be critiqued by anyone, and each notion's page in the site includes a string of posted comments from whoever was interested enough to do so.

What makes The Half-Bakery suitable fodder for TSAT is the fact that some of the notions they present are explicitly transformative in nature. 'Tails For All' is one such, and it's about adding functional tails to ordinary human beings. More interesting than the proposal itself, however, is that 'Tails For All' was first posted to the site back in 2000... and now, 3 years later, it's still an active topic!

The Half-Bakery is a reasonably well-organized site. The posted notions are assigned into one or more categories in a sensible manner; you can browse through indices of each category, or find specific kinds of notions by feeding keywords into the site's own search engine.

Check out The Half-Bakery at your leisure.

If you know of any sites whose subject matter renders them suitable for inclusion in TSAT, send us the URL!

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