Ramblings (pl. noun): talking or writing in a confused way, often for a long time
Bardlings (pl. noun): Ramblings from Bard

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Moving Topics
or, What the *&^%$!! do I type??
by Michael W. Bard
©2003 Michael W. Bard -- all rights reserved

When I started these editorials, I thought I'd put in writing tips, and started then. But then somebody else took it over. So I started putting up pet peeves about stories being submitted. But they're done now. Now I'm kind of topicless.


Unless you all want to see me write aimless drivel issue after issue, here's my attempt to see how many people actually read this. I'm curious. Thus, a question:

What topic should I write about?

Using the time-honoured concept of querying the masses, I'm asking you. So, scratch your heads, wind up the thinkers, eat lots of beets, and tell me what I should write my next editorial about.

My fate is in your hands.

Those who actually read this, should send their suggestions to mwbard@transform.to, care of TSAT. All queries will at least be looked at, unless they contain viruses.

Well, that took care of half a page, so what do I do for the rest? Hmmm...

Sound of hooves walking back and fourth on stone floor

Are you still reading?! Oh well. Think... think...

Hooves on stone floor, distant scream of feline agony

What to write, what to write...

Sound of pouring water, splashes, gurgles and popping bubbles

There has to be something? I can't be this clueless!

Can I?

Hooves splashing in water, sound of large creature slipping, scream, followed by a splash, a minute of silence, the popping of a few bubbles, silence, a single bubble, silence, a roar of bubbles, a few bubbles, a single bubble, silence.

The camera pans down into the water where there is a wet centaur unhappily breathing water in and out

The centaur scribbles with a waterproof marker on a plastic white board of some kind and then holds it up

Well, it seems that MUSFAH is experimenting again.

A dry rag appears, wipes the white board clean. More writing, and then the board is held up again

Fortunately this room is filled with a neutral fluorocarbon with concentrated dissolved water.

Centaur looks up at the glass smooth surface above. Same dry rag wipes off white board and there is more writing.

I hate undrowning myself.

Centaur shakes head. Uses dry rag once more to wipe off white board. More writing.

Till next time. Remember to send in your suggestions!

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