Ramblings (pl. noun): talking or writing in a confused way, often for a long time
Bardlings (pl. noun): Ramblings from Bard

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Loneliness is Best Served with Hot Cinnamon-spiced Cider
by Michael W. Bard
©2003 Michael W. Bard -- all rights reserved

Last time did result in an interesting experiment. I, a poor lonely centaur got back one (1) suggestion as to a topic, and that was book reviews. That would work, except for the fact that one suggestion means that nobody would bother to read the book review anyway.

A loud sigh fills the room, along with the rustling of cushions as a massive body moves to try and get more comfortable

Even MUSFAH has more readers than I do, though I think his readers don't have much of a choice. I bet that he doesn't even read this.

The centaur looks around pensively as silence fills the room, except for the bonging drops of a water tap, the sound lonely in the emptiness

I'm still here, so it's obvious that he isn't reading this either.

The centaur leaps to his hooves and glares at the single solitary reader, anger filling his eyes like lightning

Well! If that is the way it is, then that is the way it is!

Angrily, the centaur clops into the kitchen, narrowly missing the furry cat that runs under its hooves. The centaur turns on the stove and puts on the kettle, and then pours some dry food into the cat's dish, whereupon the cat ignores him completely to concentrate on important things such as eating. Sounds of a forehoof tapping on the floor overpower the lonely drip-drop of the tap as the centaur stares at the kettle. Slowly, regretfully, the water inside it begins to boil

And who says that a watched kettle never boils!

The centaur turns off the stove, and pours steaming cider into a waiting mug. Opening a cupboard, deft movements extract powdered cinnamon which is added, and a cinnamon stick which is used to slowly stir the mixture. The centaur stops stirring, takes a sip of the hot liquid, and sighs blissfully

Well take that! I have hot cider and that is all I need. So there!

However, please remember that, with more practical matters in mind, suggestions are still welcome. And soon TF WARS 2 will begin.


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