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"I Can Hear You Breathing"
by Quentin 'Cubist' Long
©2003 Quentin Long -- all rights reserved

There are some odd hobbies in this world, and putting together a magazine is definitely one of them. It involves rather a lot of work that most readers are blissfully unaware of -- and much of that work is devoted to making sure that the readers stay unaware! Or did you think that all authors routinely proofread their own manuscripts? Well, they don't. In fact, authors can be pretty darned sloppy about spelling, grammar, phraseology, maintaining a consistent tense, et cetera ad nauseum; of all the stories we've used so far, exactly 1 (one) of them didn't require some tweaking/editing before we could present it for your reading pleasure. Yeah, it's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it -- if they don't, the alternative is that everyone will eventually live down up to the quality benchmark established by such exemplary websites as Joe-Bob's Slash-o-Rama, say, and perhaps Ye Most Evervayted & Tenebrousest Cytadelle of O'er-Wrought Illicudity.

The above paragraph was an observation, not a complaint. Here's the complaint: TSAT's readers, for whatever reason, just don't let me know how well or poorly I'm doing my job as a co-editor. I choose to interpret this as a good sign -- since most people are more likely to write negative letters than positive ones, lack of feedback means nobody dislikes what I'm doing -- but at the same time, it would be nice to have a more concrete gauge of your satisfaction (or lack thereof).

Which writers do you want to see more of? Which writers could you do without? How do you like our choice of cover images? Should TSAT make more of an effort to display graphic art as well as literary art? What features would you like to see in TSAT that aren't already there? Et cetera, et cetera. Sure, me and Bard are perfectly capable of making all of these decisions on our own initiative -- but we'd prefer to give you readers a voice, if at all possible. Of course, it will be a great deal easier for us to give you lot a voice if you're actually saying something...

Short and sweet: We (Bard and I) would like to hear from you, but you're not talking to us. You know what to do about that... right?

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