We — your humble hosts, Michael Bard and Quentin Long — are terribly pleased and proud to announce a completely new phase in the ongoing saga of our webzine! Now, as you may already have been aware, feedback from the readers (or, more properly, the perpetual lack thereof) was among the more constant issues we faced. Which is why it was such a pleasant surprise to discover an audience which is not at all reticent to let its desires be known!
   Namely: Romance readers.

   When first we began investigating the community of romance fans, we weren’t sure what to expect — and we certainly didn’t anticipate the flood of responses we got, all of them indicating very great interest indeed in our little venture-to-be. Even better, our respondents weren’t just interested in reading about love triangles and such. They were also kind enough to submit innumerable manuscripts for our consideration!
   We ask you: How could we decently turn aside from that sort of intense, constructive reaction? The answer is… we couldn’t. Thus, our decision was made. The massive and continuing influx of manuscripts does pose certain practical logistical difficulties, but while the sheer quantity
is a bit of a problem, it’s a problem we’re pleased to have! Please, bear with us for the time being; we’re still a trifle o’erwhelmed with the influx of manuscripts, most of them being absolutely ‘first-water’
première grand cru quality. And if you’ll only be good enough to click here, you’ll be treated to the opening paragraphs of one of these wonderful, wonderful stories!
   In any case, the hardest work is done now. So please, allow us to welcome you to…
Tempest! You have only to click on our new logo, and you will be transported to a vibrant, sensuous world of trials, temptations, and ultimate triumphs, a world in which Love really does conquer all!