Good Works You Can Help the Church With!

1. Resist the spread of the heretical doctrine of so-called Scientific Creationism, in all of its guises. Whether it be any of the numerous sincere but misguided (and mutually contradictory) Young-Earth and Old-Earth varieties, or the all-but-explicitly deceitful form known as Intelligent Design, it is clear that so-called Scientific Creationism can only be a product of the Father of Lies and an abomination unto the Lord! Such false 'knowledge' as is confessed by YECs, OECs and IDolators has no place in either science classes or churches, and it is every Christian's sacred duty to oppose those minions of Satan who would have our innocent children indoctrinated with the lies and nihilism of so-called Scientific Creationism.
  • Create 'furry' works of art, and make them readily available to all; it matters not whether your inspiration take concrete form as stories, pictures, songs, or any other form of artistic expression. Surely, you will have your reward for all things you do to help the secular society around you become more comfortable with the anthropomorphic forms we shall all wear.
  • 3.
  • Support science, biotechnology in particular, in whatever manner your circumstances and inclinations allow. Truly, those who invest in biotech firms are doing the Lord's work just as surely as are those who He calls to study and take up the mantle of scientists.
  • 4. Do not hide your light under a bushel -- spread the good news to your friends and acquaintances! In your daily life, wear T-shirts from the latest 'furry' conventions you have attended; prosthetic ears-and-tail, beak, or muzzle; or even a full fursuit, and speak the truth when you are asked about it. If your place of education or employment sponsors its people in their extracurricular activities, start up a 'furry' club.
    5. Become an active member of the 'furry' community, shining the healing light of Christ on all who encounter you.
  • Support the First Church of Christ, Theriomorph! At present, we are literally working out of our personal homes; it would be far better for the Church if we had facilities that were designed and constructed with a church's needs in mind. We hope to acquire, or build, a place where we can hold services or 'furry' conventions with equal ease -- and you can help! Please: If the Lord so moves you, contact us so that we may mutually explore the options by which you might be able to assist us in doing the Lord's work.
  • Praise Christ the Savior!
    Praise the Lord!