The true history of the First Church of Christ, Theriomorph

    Not that anyone then realized it, but the initial seeds whose flowering is the First Church of Christ, Theriomorph were sown in November of 2004. You see, that's when Brother Guy (formerly "Quentin Long", aka "Cubist") agreed to sing in an Episcopalian church choir for money. The next stage of the Lord's plan for us was revealed -- again, all unrecognized at that time -- in Brother Guy's editorial for TSAT #37, the December 2004/January 2005 issue. As 'luck' would have it, this editorial consisted of a detailed speculation regarding the nature and practices of a religion derived from the transformation community, with especial emphasis on the 'furry' subset thereof.
    Doesn't seem so much like blind, random, undirected happenstance now, does it?
    Be that as it may, God did not see fit to let Brother Guy in on His plan until one evening in the middle of February in 2005, when he and co-editor Michael Bard ("Brother Leibowitz" to be) were conversing via Instant Message on the internet. As had happened so often before, their topic was what should go into TSAT's next issue. Brother Guy, joking as is his wont, suggested that they collect a bunch of Bible-thumping stories; for his part, Brother Leibowitz played along with what both of them then
thought was a gag. But for all that their discussion began in sarcasm and scoffing, it surely didn't end that way!
    Before either of them had logged off for the night, it came to pass that God Himself claimed both of them for His own... and the rest is history.
    Our Church may be one of the less venerable branches of the Christian faith, but we are confident that this will not adversely affect our accomplishments to come. May the Church do God's will with grace, style, and good humor in the days and years to come!

Praise Christ the Savior!
Praise the Lord!