Greetings, friends! Welcome to the dawning of a glorious, if not downright blessed, new era for fiction on the Internet -- welcome to the first issue of Transfigurations! No doubt our regular readers weren't expecting to see this when they surfed on over to what they thought would be TSAT, but there's a perfectly rational explanation for it all. You see, we (Brothers Guy and Leibowitz Christian, formerly known as "Quentin Long" and "Michael Bard") have Seen the Light; changed our names; and given our zine a different name and site design. But for all the things that are different now, one thing hasn't changed in the least: Our dedication to providing you, our faithful readers, with the finest in transformational literature. Of course we'll be broadening our focus a little, to include certain things we've previously ignored, but we're confident that none of our fans will object to reading stories about a greater, finer, and (above all) more permanent sort of transformation than any other known to mortal man!
    We must admit that we ourselves, in our previous lives, would have regarded this new zine format as a more-than-radical change in what had been a perfectly adequate formula. And if truth be told, we were initially more than a little uncertain about how it would be received by our readers, who fear some kinds of change far more than you might expect of people who enjoy reading stories about transformed protagonists. But although our flesh was weak, our spirits were more than willing, and the Big Guy saw fit to express His approval in a very concrete fashion: Within mere minutes of our decision to remake the zine, even before we'd mentioned that decision to any other human being, suitable manuscripts started to show up in our editorial in-boxes! As of the date of this writing (25 Mar 2005) we've got enough good, quality material to fill the next five issues, and the influx shows no sign of slowing down, let alone stopping. Mere coincidence, you say? Heh! Not.
    It just goes to show: When you're right with the Man Upstairs, things go right.
    When we first assumed supreme editorial control over the zine back in issue 19, Brother Guy wrote, "It's going to be a long, strange trip". Guess what? That's truer now than ever before, thanks to our eyes having been opened to a larger, stranger, and infinitely more wonderful realm than any we had ever previously been aware of!
    We're bound for glory, and we want you -- all of you -- to come along for the ride. Won't you join us?

Praise Christ the Savior!
Praise the Lord!