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Welcome TSAT's newest columnist! In this (and successive) installments of Dragon's Lair, Mike Brotzman will be lifting the veil of secrecy behind which dragons conceal their secrets -- both transformational and otherwise. It's anybody's guess how long he's going to live once the dragons figure out what he's up to, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Dragon's Lair
by Mike Brotzman
  Enter of Your Own Will: So why should you care about dragons, anyway?

The Rabbit's Hutch
by Phil Geusz
  A Creative Lifetime: Sad is the writer whose muse leaves him before his life...

Scribbler's Progress
by Kitnoki
  The Fires of Hell?: In which Our Heroine displays unsuspected ingenuity.

Random Access
by the Phantom Websurfer
  Two interesting sites on the Web that you probably didn't know about.

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