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Tricks Are Treats!
by The Phantom Websurfer
©2005 Bard and Cubist -- all rights reserved

April Fool's Day, the 1st of April, is not the only time of the year traditionally considered to be suitable for pranks. Case in point: October 31, aka All Hallows Eve, aka Hallowe'en. The familiar (to Americans over a certain age, at least) cry of "Trick or treat!" was originally a mild threat. It was understood that if a treat (usually candy) was not forthcoming, the requestor would then perform a trick on the requestee; soaping their windows, or draping toilet paper over the trees in their front yard, or some other such juvenile jape.

For this, the Oct/Nov 2005 issue of TSAT, therefore, we offer up a pair of links to commemorate and honor the spirit of practical joking.

Loki in a plain glass showcase

Description of Museum of Hoaxes

Visit: Link 1.

Not in my campaign, you don't!

Roleplaying games -- and here we refer to real games, such as Dungeons & Dragons or Champions, not a therapeutic technique employed by certain psychiatrists -- are very much a team sport. Everyone involved in an RPG campaign, from the GM (i.e., the 'referee') to the players, has to be pretty much on the same page as far as overall motivation is concerned; if one guy is only there to make silly jokes while everybody else is trying to get a decent plotline going, the results can be... ugly. On the other hand, the results can also be amusing, at least to an outside observer (if not to the participants)!

Visit: Link 2.

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