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In this, TSAT's seventh anniversary issue, we would like to thank Jaggers Pawtucket for allowing us to are proud to present the winning entries in the second round of his RUET (Rarely Used Environment Transformation) Contest! This round's particular Rarely Used Environment was The Ocean, and no less than six authors rose to the bait (you should pardon the expression). Pig Boat, a tale of WWII terror by Typhon Dreckschtinger, came in first. Second place went to The Lutraic Principle, Kris Schnee's deliciously warped 'book review'. And in third place (out of six, so we can say 'last but not least'!) is Those Whom the Moai Scare, in which Charles Matthias sheds light on an archaeological mystery. We can hardly wait for Round Three!

Pig Boat
by Typhon Dreckschtinger
  [1st!] Underpaid; underequipped; under fire; and, just possibly, under a curse..?

The Lutraic Principle
by Kris Schnee
  [2nd!] Read Sunsplash's debut novel!

Those Whom the Moai Scare
by Charles Matthias
  [3rd!] It takes a certain degree of obsession to tackle a puzzle unsolved for hundreds of years.

The Downward Spiral, part i
by The TBP Round Robin Collective
  [TBP] No matter how ugly bigotry gets, it can always be worse...

Running Wild, Day 3: Cat's Eye Opening
by Duncan Cougar and Quentin Long
  [TBP] It's not healthy to live in dreams -- or nightmares, either.

You're a Good Friend
by Oren the Otter
  [TSA] [TBP] Looking like an animal doesn't mean you have to act that way...

The Golden Ass
by Lucius Apuleius
  [Classic] Hard luck doesn't come any harder than the unwanted result of a miscast spell.

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