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Sexxx Sells
by The Phantom Websurfer
©2006 Bard and Cubist -- all rights reserved

Generally speaking, TSAT doesn't pay much attention to the pornographic subset of transformation fiction... but we've got to admit that said subset exists. And, likewise, we must acknowledge that that sort of thing is enjoyed by a highly nontrivial number of transformation aficiandos. Thus, this issue's links are to websites that offer porn of a... distinctive... variety.

Where you goin' with that frosting?

You haven't seen Cakepony yet? This website's tagline says it all: "Only the youngest fillies, eating the richest chocolate cake!" The site's proprietors aren't prejudiced; in addition to cake-loving caballos, their featured fillies have included some who are into jello molds and cookie dough.

There's a new pony every week, whose portrait is accompanied by a biographical sketch of the kind Playboy is famous for. The site is relatively new, so its archive of past ponies is a bit limited as yet, but this is a temporary flaw; it also means that you can experience the entire site in a relatively short time. Say, a lunch hour... with or without cake.

Satisfy your pruient equine/culinary interests at Cakepony.

Hot 'n' scaly loving!

It was inevitable: Lots of people are interested in dinosaurs, and lots of people are into sex, so it was only a matter of time before someone put the two together.

Dinosaur sex, in other words.

One might expect that megayears-extinct saurians offer a uniquely difficult challenge to any entrepreneur who might want to base a sex show around them, but it would appear that the proprietors of the Greater Nevada XXX Dinosaur Park were able to meet that challenge. One of their slogans (currently playing on late-night television advertisements) is "You've seen their bones -- now see them boning! Triceratops and Bottoms!"

It's all there in America's most trusted news source, so you know it's accurate.

If you know of any sites whose subject matter renders them suitable for inclusion in TSAT, send us the URL!

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