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TSAT 46, story index

The third round of the RUET (Rarely Used Environment Transformation) Contest will be its last, and it yielded fewer stories than we might like. Fortunately, the pair of entries that did show up aren't bad at all! The final Rarely Used Environment was The City Dump; in accordance with this setting, this round's prizes are objects whose previous owners lost them or threw them away. The First Place prize, a bicycle-chain-style bracelet that was found on a parking lot, goes to The Artisan, a tale of recycling and reuse for the unwanted, by Kris Schnee. Second place goes to Michael Brenner, whose story Dumpsters and Dragons might be considered a new look at a classic theme, and who has thereby earned the prize of a perfectly good Fly Wheels toy that had been discarded on the shoulder of a road.

The Artisan
by Kris Schnee
  [1st!] He's no devil -- but he still finds work for idle hands.

Dumpsters and Dragons
by Michael Brenner
  [2nd!] Jeremy's work was his life, and then some.

The Downward Spiral, chapter 2, part i
by The TBP Round Robin Collective
  [TBP] No matter how ugly bigotry gets, it can always be worse...

Running Wild, Day 4: As Plain as the Nose on Your Muzzle
by Duncan Cougar and Quentin Long
  [TBP] Must the road to recovery be paved with pain?

The Second Kalandar's Tale
translated by Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton
  [Classic] Be it Allah's will, thee shall and must wear the rude form of an ape...

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