Ramblings (pl. noun): talking or writing in a confused way, often for a long time
Bardlings (pl. noun): Ramblings from Bard

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Endings are Such Sweet Sorrow
by Michael W. Bard
©2006 Michael W. Bard -- all rights reserved

It's been a long journey -- longer than I'd have thought at the beginning -- but it's time to lower the curtain.

Cubist and I both kept TSAT going as long as we could, but there were two factors that finally decided us to end it. The first was that we were both getting tired, and ready to move on. We'd done it for years, kept it going, nursed it through the good times and the bad. The second reason, the main one, was simply the fact that we weren't getting stories. If we had stories, we'd have continued, but we got tired of banging our heads against the wall trying to drag new fiction in.

You're probably thinking now that we've always had fiction in every issue, new fiction in fact. Well, it's true that we've managed to avoid going with the 'best of the past' stopgap that the original editors had to do for a while. But if you look through the last few issues, the only new stuff we've had is the ongoing serials. And, I don't really classify those as newly submitted stories.

So, there you have it: The real reason. A fiction e-zine, or any magazine for that matter, can't run without new stories. Sad, but true.

And saying good bye to TSAT is definitely sad, the end of a long chapter in my life. I learned a lot, had fun doing it, organized a lot of my thoughts composing my editorials on writing, and even learned a lot from them. I'm going to archive them all on my website. Not in sequential order, of course, but alphabetical by their titles. Thus, it should be easy for interested persons to find the information they're looking for.

Also, with permission, I plan to archive all of the writing ideas from Phil Geusz' long running column.

Of course, the TSAT archives are going to be kept up for the foreseeable future. Not a live e-zine, to be sure, but certainly an archive of enjoyable fiction.

To conclude, I enjoyed the journey, and I hope you did, too. I'm sad it's ending, but now I can concentrate on my writing, whilst Cubist concentrates on his other e-zine -- Anthro.

May you all write regularly and well, and may the blessings of publication eventually fall upon you!

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