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(Chapters One Through Seven)
©2000 Jeffrey M. Mahr -- all rights reserved

It is strongly encouraged that the reader complete part one of the Lanyon Chronicles, Thaumaturjekyll, before reading this segment. For those unable or unwilling to invest the time in reading the first seven chapters, the following is a thumbnail summary.

Hastie Lanyon, great-great-grandson of one of Dr. Jekyll's best friends, and his lifetime friend Jack Utterson, whose great-great-grandfather was also a good friend of the good doctor, are high school football heros who are looking for the perfect costumes for the Halloween dance. Hastie's father is a university professor and research scientist who is experimenting with the TSP device, a trans-spacial portal like the transporters on a little known television space opera called Star Trek (or is that Galaxy Quest?). Hastie convinces Jack, as he usually does, to use Dr. Jekyll's formula, improved of course so nothing can go wrong, and he becomes the last thing he remembers as the transition begins; the human embodiment of a character on a B-movie they had just been watching -- Red Sonja.

The whole family is then transported to another dimension, due to a minor glitch in the TSP device, where they meet Ackuanrut, a wizard; D'lon-ra, an Emperor's hero; the Dark Gods, and No-Nac an ex-Emperor's hero turned to the Dark Gods' side (deja vu all over again) and who is now an amorphous blob that can take whatever form it wishes.

They all have many interesting and exciting adventures (to quote my son's first grade book reports) during which Hastie becomes a blonde clone of the red-haired Sonja and Dr. and Mrs. Lanyon become centaurs with human portions that appear as idealized versions of their mates. That's right, Dr. Lanyon is a pretty blonde centaur filly and Mrs. Lanyon is a handsome centaur stallion.

Part two of the Lanyon Chronicles, Transitions, begins just after a Dark God has sent the bunch of them, except D'Lon-ra who seems to have died, back to the Lanyon living room in their home dimension.

Confused? I told you it would be better to read the story.

Jeffrey M. Mahr
February 29, 2000

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