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Never Play With Your Head
by Draven Darklight
©2003 Draven Darklight -- all rights reserved

Two people are in a small hotel room with two beds. One, a young woman with blue hair in a green kimono, sits on the edge of one bed. A young man in jeans and a T-shirt, wearing somewhat realistic-looking cat appliances (ears and tail), is sitting on the carpet in front of her. He is in a very catlike position, and is licking the back of his hand in an extremely feline manner.

"You know, Steve, you really shouldn't do that," says the girl.

Steve stops licking and answers, "You mean licking the back of my hand? But Laura, I thought you said it was cute."

"It is, but I mean you shouldn't keep acting like a cat. Haven't you ever heard the old saying? Don't act like something you're not, or your mind might get stuck like that."

"Oh, not that again! It's 'face', not 'mind'."

"No, no. It's definitely 'mind'. I'm sure of it."

"That's just stupid. I mean just because I spent most of the convention acting like a cat for brief stints doesn't meow that I'm going to turn into a cat."

"See? I was right. And by the way, it just says you'll think like a cat. Turning into one, a physical change, that's just silly."

"What do you mean you're right? I don't mrow what you meee-oow."

At this last he brings both hands up to his mouth. Steve then tries to stand, but just falls over. Laura has a smug look on her face. He makes another poor impression of a cat's meow as he falls, sounding almost the same as his normal speech.

"I told you! But no, you didn't listen. By the way, your cat noises still need work."

"Meow reeow."

"That was a little better."

"Meooow, reooowww re-ow meow meeow reow, meeeeow reowwwow."

"That was definitely better. Hmmmm... Ah! I know exactly what to do."


Laura gets up, walks over to a fairly large trunk, and opens it. She rummages around in it, tossing out a few more pairs of cat-ears, some articles of leather armor, a spandex unitard, and a chainmail bikini. Finally she comes away with a leash and collar. She quickly straps the collar around Steve's neck before he can react. He doesn't struggle at all, and looks very confused.

"There, now! Tomorrow I will have the perfect addition to my costume: My very own cat-boy."


"Wow, you managed to sound pathetic and confused at the same time! You know this is all your own fault. You kept pretending to be a cat-boy that couldn't talk -- a very passive and cute one, at that, just like the cat-girls you love to ogle so much. Then of course you ignored my good advice."

"Meow, meow moeow reeeoww meow."

"I think I like you better this way. Tomorrow will be fun."

With that, she attaches the leash to the collar and pulls Steve over to the foot of one bed, typing him to the bedpost. After turning off the light , she walks over to the other bed, kicks off her sandals,and removes her kimono, revealing her raggedy (but comfortable-looking) shirt and shorts. She then hangs the Kimono on the bedpost with a bit of fidgeting.

"Goodnight Steve."

"Meoooooooow." Steve replies, sounding absolutely dejected.

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