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The Tape
by Patrick J. Nestor
©2003 Patrick J. Nestor -- all rights reserved

Twin Valley Police Department
1613 Long Neck Road
Twin Valley, NY 11901

TO: James Fredricks
FROM: Walter Landers
DATE: 11/2/02
SUBJ: Freedman 10/31 Tapes

  Ok, I transcripted the tape like you asked. Some of it was impossible to hear, so obviously I have so noted at the appropriate spots. I know I originally said I wouldn't have this till Wednesday, but I started listening last night and just couldn't stop. It isn't as long as you might expect, some of it is nothing special or important, and lots of it makes no sense, but the damn thing freaked me out pretty bad. Keep the lights on when you read this. (Ha Ha.)
  Also, you'll find the photographs Tom developed from the camera we found in the Leeds girl's knapsack. Most of them seem double exposed or something. I couldn't make head nor tails of the majority of the roll that survived (Tom says that the camera was opened so the last few exposures were ruined, but he's attempting to see what he can get from them) but maybe you can. The one of the dog is just plain spooky. What the hell was wrong with that thing? Was it rabid? I guess if we ever find it we'll know. Tom numbered them (on the back, in red felt pen). He told me to tell you to pay special attention to numbers 16, 18, and 19. Despite the double exposure, you can see what Freeman was doing to Dahley on number 18. I had to really look hard myself, but you can see the spear or whatever it was. Funny though... I can't make out any rope or anything. Why bother tying him up afterwards? The other two shots, 16 & 19... well, they speak for themselves although, it's impossible to tell if they're laughing or screaming... at least to me. You draw your own conclusions, you're in charge of the damn case.
  Kerry called to say the Leeds girl still hasn't spoken anything other than the shit she kept repeating when we found her. She also goes into hysterics if they turn off the lights. I hope she comes out of this, her parents are nice people.
  Mary Waters called here again about twenty minutes ago asking if her daughter has to come in again. She's rather upset about having to do so, but says she wants to help find out what happened to her niece. Besides telling us that those kids were out there Thursday night when they were reported missing, I don't know how much more she knows and if she can help us any more.
  Dave Muller from the Library left you that book you asked for. "Upstate New York Urban Folklore and Legends: History or Hooey?" Sounds like a real page turner. Interesting note: He says he had two copies of it and the other's been checked out long over due for months. Who has it? I bet you guessed it: Alan Freeman. Anyway, he left you some spots marked with book marks that he thought you'd be interested in.
  Remember, I won't be in again till Wednesday. I'm taking the boys fishing tomorrow (It's gonna be FREEZING!) and we're spending the night at Michelle's folk's cabin out by Willard's Creek.
  Funny thing, I had a hell of a time getting to sleep after transcribing this buddy, and when I finally did, I kept dreaming about the Leeds girl and that damn dog. I hate this kind of shit. I almost forgot all those Urban Legends about Finger Annie... I didn't need this to drudge them all up again. I heard most of them from my Grandmother when I was like twelve or something. Amazing what your grandparents will tell kids huh? I'm not leaving my dad alone with my kids ever again just in case.
  What the hell where those kids doing up there Jimmy? What did the Smithson kid mean when he said "recreate that night"? Where did Freeman go?
  Damn, this shouldn't happen here.
  Hope your Halloween was better than ours. See you next Wednesday.

- Walt

  P.S. – The full names of the entire group is as follows (to make following the tape easier). They were: Alan Freeman, Tabitha Leeds, Mike Dahley, Renee Waters, and Ross Smithson. The dog was Dante. (That screwed me up at first, I kept wondering who the hell Dante was.)
  P.P.S – Just took a quick look at this book. Nails. Ouch.

FREEMAN: Testing, testing, Sibilance, Sibilance...
DAHLEY: From beautiful downtown Burbank, it's the Tonight Show! (Simulated crowd cheers).
Tape is turned off.
Tape turned back on.
LEEDS: ...out here?
DAHLEY: Yeah, a long time ago. I think back in '91.
SMITHSON: Ooo. A lifetime ago. (Laughter. Pause.) That thing on?
FREEMAN: Not yet.
SMITHSON: Then why are you holding it like that?
FREEMAN: No reason.
SMITHSON: I hate it when you record everything. You're a freak about that shit man.
DAHLEY: Who the fuck cares? Can we get moving please? I'd like to get there.
WATERS: Shit, this thing is heavy Alan. What the hell did you put in it?
FREEMAN: Two of the field lights and batteries. Plus there's a bottle of wine in that one I think.
LEEDS: Red or White?
SMITHSON: I hate wine man, why not beer?
FREEMAN: You know why.
LEEDS: How far is it Alan?
FREEMAN: Not too far. About a mile and a half.
SMITHSON: Get the fuck outta here! A fucking mile and a half? We gotta carry this crap a mile and a half?
LEEDS: Oh cut it out you wimp. You walk longer than that at the mall.
SMITHSON: Hey! I cut that shit out years ago.
FREEMAN: Cut it out guys, let's just get going please? We have to be there before ten. (Loudly) C'mon Dante! Let's move!
Tape is shut off.
Tape is turned back on.
FREEMAN: Mark two.
Tape is shut off.
Tape is turned back on.
FREEMAN: twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen. Remember sixteen.
DAHLEY: Sixteen what?
LEEDS: Sweet sixteen?
Tape is shut off.
Tape is turned back on.
SMITHSON: (Singing) ...over and over and over again my friend. I don't believe, we're on the eve of destruction...
FREEMAN: Shhhhhhhh!
FREEMAN: Did you hear that? Dante stop!
(Dog barks)
SMITHSON: Gimme a break Al. Wait till we're there at least before you start with the cheap scare tatics.
LEEDS: Speaking of which, how much further Papa Smurf?
FREEMAN: I'm not fucking around. Quiet! (Pause). There's someone out there. Did you guys tell anyone about tonight?
DAHLEY: Nope, you think I'm crazy?
FREEMAN: Renee? (Pause) Awww, SHIT Renee! How many times have I fucking said...
WATERS: Jesus Christ Alan, calm the fuck down. I only told my cousin!
FREEMAN: Great, and she told her boyfriend, who told his buddies, who called a kegger...
SMITHSON: At least there'd be beer.
FREEMAN: Shut up Ross!
WATERS: Stop it. She doesn't even HAVE a boyfriend. She's not gonna tell anyone, and she's certainly not out here so cut the shit. (Pause) What!?
SMITHSON: No boyfriend huh? She hot?
SMITHSON: Last time I checked, yep.
FREEMAN: I heard something.
DAHLEY: Alan, I swear to God, if you have someone jump out dressed like the killer from Scream, I'm gonna kill you.
LEEDS: Alan, I didn't hear anything. Maybe it was just the wind or a squirrel or something.
FREEMAN: I guess so. Let's just try and take this seriously though guys, ok?
SMITHSON: Yeah, everyone be careful in case we find Jason Vorhees screwing the Blair Witch while the Jersey Devil and Chucky watch. (Pause) OK OK! Jesus Alan, lighten up a little will ya? I'll be serious.
FREEMAN: Please.
Someone speaks, but it's too low to tell who it was and what was said.
LEEDS: (Laughs) Yeah. Hey Alan, I'll ask again... how much further?
FREEMAN: We're just about there.
SMITHSON: Then turn that thing off till we get there will you?
LEEDS: You know, I wonder if this road is the one where they fou...
Tape is shut off.
Tape is turned back on.
LEEDS: Christ that scared the shit out of me. (Laughs)
WATERS: Oh my God.
LEEDS: You ok?
WATERS: I almost pissed myself.
DAHLEY: (Sounding far away) I see him! Dante!
FREEMAN: Dante get over here!! (Pause) Right there, Ross.
SMITHSON: (From a distance) Here?
FREEMAN: Yeah, near the bigger rock.
SMITHSON: (A little closer now) Wow, this is one fucking huge bolder man.
WATERS: Where's the shack?
FREEMAN: About two hundred yards past the stump.
LEEDS: What kind of tree was that?
FREEMAN: Not sure. Oak I guess.
WATERS: Looks like a redwood.
FREEMAN: Believe it or not, redwoods are much bigger. This isn't so large.
SMITHSON: Big rock, big tree stump... and now I have a big thirst. Please tell me you brought more than just wine.
FREEMAN: Yeah, there's water in my pack. (Pause) Catch.
DAHLEY: (Out of breath, panting.) He won't come Alan.
Sounds like running through leaves here. Barking of dog in distance.
FREEMAN: Come On Dante... cut the shit!
DAHLEY: He was over there.
Barking of dog louder.
DAHLEY: Hey Dante, that's a good boy. Shit, did he catch the owl? He's got something.
FREEMAN: I don't know. C'mere Dante.
DAHLEY: What the hell is that?
FREEMAN: It's just a bone I think.
DAHLEY: Not that... THAT! (Pause) Is that it?
FREEMAN: (Laughs) Yeah, saves me the trouble of scouting for it. Nice work Dante.
DAHLEY: I thought it was in the other direction.
FREEMAN: So did I, even better Dante found it.
Sound of someone calling is very faint in background.
DAHLEY: WE GOT HIM!!! COMING! (Pause) Wait... did you say a bone?
DAHLEY: A bone. You said it was a bone.
FREEMAN: What the fuck are you talk... oh, the dog... yeah I think it's a bone. Lemme see Dante. C'mon. (Long Pause) What the... (Pause) OH FUCK!!
FREEMAN: (Laughs) Damn. I thought it was a fucking hand for a second. See? Looks like it doesn't it?
DAHLEY: Fuck Alan, between the owl and this, I've already had my fill of scares. (Laughs nervously) Then again, that's why we're out here though huh?
FREEMAN: That's right. C'mon.
LEEDS: (In distance) Unintelligible... coming back?
FREEMAN: Yeah, let's get everything set up.
LEEDS: (Louder now) Ross started putting...
Tape is shut off.
Tape is turned back on.
WATERS: ...bout ten sixteen.
FREEMAN: Excellent. We made good time. Nice job Ross.
SMITHSON: That's me, the wannabe woodsman.
FREEMAN: Ok, I'd like to get started now.
SMITHSON: I figured when I saw the tape recorder.
DAHLEY: That's a nice one Alan. Where'd you get it?
FREEMAN: Ryder's Surplus. Was used as a field recorder for the U.S. Marshall's office. Nice huh? It automatically goes from side A to side B on it's own without losing more than like a few seconds of recording.
SMITHSON: You and your recording.
FREEMAN: So you've said a million times. Can we get started?
LEEDS: Yes, lets.
DAHLEY: Ok Mr. Expert. How do we start?
WATERS: Ten Nineteen.
FREEMAN: Let's give it until Ten Twenty-Five.
FREEMAN: Cause that's when it started.
SMITHSON: Oh bullshit, how could you know the exact time?
FREEMAN: Dillon told my brother.
SMITHSON: Bullshit! Dillon doesn't know what year it is or even which way is up. I doubt he's had an understandable thought in two years. He told your brother crap.
FREEMAN: No really. My brother visits him every month man. Has been since... (Pause) it happened.
LEEDS: Oh my God. You're serious?
FREEMAN: Yeah. They're best friends. It took like a good nine months, but every once in a while Dillon will just start talking. He never answers questions or anything, and lots of times he makes no sense, but my brother has told me all about the stuff that does.
SMITHSON: Did he ever tell him about Nanci?
FREEMAN: Never anything that made sense to him. You know my brother man. He's not into this kinda stuff. He'd freak out if he knew I was out here. (Pause) My brother said that Dillon told him he still sees her. Every night... once it's dark.
(Long pause)
WATERS: Ok, I'm officially creeped out now. Mission accomplished Alan. (Everyone Laughs). Hey, it's ten-twenty-five.
FREEMAN: Ok, let's go.
SMITHSON: This way?
LEEDS: Give me one of those water bottles Alan?
FREEMAN: Ok. So what we're go...
Tape is shut off.
Tape is turned back on.
WATERS: ...ever.
FREEMAN: Fucking crap. It was off.
SMITHSON: It's not like you lost something important.
FREEMAN: That's not the point. I hate leaving it in the knapsack.
DAHLEY: Better than carrying it by hand though. Hey, did you get a picture of that thing Tabby?
LEEDS: No, should I?
LEEDS: (As you hear the camera snap) Got it. Hey, I still think you should just leave that here Ross.
SMITHSON: Why? It's cool looking.
LEEDS: What if it was... (Long Pause)
SMITHSON: What? Nanci's? Tara David's? Maybe... (Pause) ...Finger Annie's?
LEEDS: Don't say her name! Alan!
FREEMAN: It's ok Tabitha. Saying it once won't do anything. You have to chant it.
LEEDS: Still...
SMITHSON: You mean like... Finger Annie, Finger Annie, Finger Annie, Finger Annie...
FREEMAN: Hey Ross, cut it out!
SMITHSON: Relax. It's a fucking ghost story you guys.
DAHLEY: But right next to the cabin... too freaky... no more man.
SMITHSON: Finger Annie, Finger Annie, Finger Annie... Wooooooooooo... OW! SHIT! Tabby you fucking bitch!
LEEDS: Stop it you asshole!
SMITHSON: I'll fucking stop it and start breaking your fucking neck you smack me again!
LEEDS: Just because you don't believe...
SMITHSON: That's fucking right! I don't believe shit! It's fucking Halloween, and we're here to get all scared... great, I'm into that, but I'm not gonna be a fucking feeb and start worrying a hundred year old ghost is gonna come get me because I say her name a few times!
(Long pause)
FREEMAN: Ross, man... just... enough... ok?
SMITHSON: You know Alan, I fucking love you man, but you take this shit way too seriously, ok? When you came up with this idea, I was all like... cool... it's Halloween, great idea. Everyone from around here knows these fucking stories and this beats a stupid dance or the Fright-A-Bowlathon, but recreating the "last time" as you put it? Doing everything they did? It's going to far. Let's just camp out, and tell some ghost stories and get good and creeped out and have a Halloween to remember... ok?
LEEDS: I didn't smack you... I lightly slapped you.
SMITHSON: There's a difference?
LEEDS: Ross... just...
SMITHSON: Ok, forget it alright?
LEEDS: Fine.
FREEMAN: Leave that thing here man. Ok?
SMITHSON: JESUS! Ok, ok, ok. Here look... I put the necklace back ok? Let's go.
FREEMAN: Ok, thanks. C'mon Dante, c'mon boy...
DAHLEY: I really wish he'd drop that frigging bone.
Tape is shut off.
Tape is turned back on.
WATERS: ...like it.
SMITHSON: I guess so. I normally don't like wine, but this stuff is ok.
LEEDS: It's sweet. Alan, what are you doing?
FREEMAN: Something is wrong with this thing.
DAHLEY: It happened again?
FREEMAN: Yeah. I don't understand this... it worked great all week. I'm gonna change the...
Tape is shut off.
Tape is turned back on.
DAHLEY: ...works.
SMITHSON: Did we lose the stories?
FREEMAN: I think we did. I'd have to listen to the tape to be sure.
SMITHSON: Dammit. I wanted a copy of those.
FREEMAN: If we did, I'll record some for you if you want.
DAHLEY: Are they coming back?
SMITHSON: Yeah, you know girls, always have to go to the b...
Tape is shut off.
Tape is turned back on.
SMITHSON: ...this button? Yeah, there it goes. You need a fucking degree in engineering to work this thing.
WATERS: (Giggling) What are you doing?
SMITHSON: I wanna leave something for Alan to enjoy. (Pause) Something from me and you.
WATERS: Oh? And what makes you think I'd let you record that?
SMITHSON: Cause ya love me baby...
WATERS: (Laughing) Despite myself, I guess I do.
SMITHSON: Come here. (Long Pause) I like the ones that hook in the front Rey. (Long Pause) Ok... yeah...
WATERS: Oh... oh my god, Oh Ross... holy shit.
SMITHSON: I like that don't ya?
WATERS: What the fuck do you think? Oh yes... No, not there... up more... yeah there... (Long Pause)... God... God... God... (Long Pause) Yes THERE! FUCK YES THERE!!
SMITHSON: Shhh! You'll wake them up.
WATERS: They're all drunk on candy wine, lean back.
SMITHSON: Ooh yeah, reading my mind... (Pause)... Very nice.
Waters says something unintelligible.
WATERS: Unintelligible ...my hair. Careful.
SMITHSON: Wanna go back to the shack?
WATERS: Unintelligible ...cabin? Why?
SMITHSON: Why not?
WATERS: You're crazy. Doesn't that creep you out?
SMITHSON: I'm thinking of that bed.
WATERS: That bed's like a million years old.
SMITHSON: Let's test it. (Pause) Come on, I'll protect you.
WATERS: But...
SMITHSON: It's ok. Here let me...
Tape is shut off.
Tape is turned back on.
WATERS: ...weird.
SMITHSON: Who cares?
WATERS: You brought that thing with you? Didn't we leave enough? Come on Ross, no more.
SMITHSON: Ok, in a second. Just let me move this light. Hey, here's that necklace...
WATERS: Ross, I don't like it in here. Let's go back.
SMITHSON: Why? It's fine.
WATERS: No, Ross... I can't, not here...
SMITHSON: What do you mean you can't?
WATERS: How can you even get it up in this place? I want to go back.
SMITHSON: I can get it up anywhere baby...
WATERS: It's not funny Ross. I'm not doing shit. I'm going back.
SMITHSON: Come on Renee! Hey, stop... don't!
WATERS: Ross, fuck you. I'm not... not here. So get over it. Let's go back. (Pause) Ross? (Pause) Ross? Cut it out you asshole. (Long Pause) ROSS PUT THE FUCKING LIGHT BACK ON! (Pause) Ross STOP IT.
Someone (most likely Ross Smithson) says something unintelligible.
WATERS: FUCKING STOP IT ROSS!! PUT THE GODDAMN FUCKING LIGHT ON!! (Pause) Please!! Ross? (Long Pause) What are you doing? I can't see, where's the door? Is that... (Pause) What, did you lock it? ROSS CUT IT OUT! OPEN THE DOOR!
Someone (most likely Ross Smithson) says something unintelligible.
WATERS: What? It won't open! It won't open! (Pause. Banging Sounds) ALAN! SOMEONE OPEN THE... (Pause) Stop. STOP! OH SHIT THAT HURTS STOP IT ROSS!!! STOP IT!!! (Pause. Very loud scream. Pause) OH GOD, OH GOD!! OH!! FLOAT!
Sounds of crying. Someone is breathing heavily. There are scraping sounds.
Someone says something unintelligible. Hard to distinguish the voice.

Approx. eleven minutes goes by. Twice a scraping sound is heard. Once someone coughs.
WATERS: Float.
Approx. three minutes goes by. Someone giggles softly. Impossible to tell who it is.
WATERS: (Very softly, hard to hear) Finger Annie, Finger Annie, Finger Annie, Finger Annie... (Pause) Long. Very long. (Pause) Tulip. (Long pause) He beats his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts! (Crying) Fucking... fu... fu... fucking hurts. Ross? Please? Ross? I'm sorry... (Pause) Ross?
Someone (most likely Ross Smithson) says something unintelligible.
Someone (most likely Ross Smithson) says something unintelligible.
WATERS: It was fun. I liked it.
Someone (most likely Ross Smithson) says something unintelligible.
WATERS: Why? Why? (Pause) No. oh no... nonononononononononono (Very loud scream, goes on a long time.)
SMITHSON: Number nine?
Approx. eighteen minutes goes by. No sounds at all are heard, just dead air.
A dog barking can be heard, muffled. Loud crashing sounds last about one minute.

Approx. four minutes goes by. Dog barking constant throughout entire four minutes.

Distant voices are heard. A rattle, then banging is heard.
FREEMAN: (Muffled) Stop it Dante! Ross? Open up the door, we know you're in there. Come on Ross! Not funny guys!
LEEDS: (Muffled) Renee! Open the door! (Pause) Guys? (Pause) Alan, this is scaring me. What if they got hurt?
FREEMAN: (Muffled) They're just trying to scare us... (Pause) Fuck it. Kick it in.
A loud bang is heard.
DAHLEY: (Muffled) Fuck that hurt! What the hell is that door made out of?
LEEDS: (Muffled) How can this door even... (Pause) It's open!
FREEMAN: Guys? Hey... guys?
DAHLEY: Holy Shit!!
LEEDS: What the hell happened in here?
FREEMAN: Jesus, it looks like they trashed the place! Hey! My recorder!
LEEDS: They couldn't have done this! Why would they? Maybe someone else did and they heard it and came to investigate.
FREEMAN: With my recorder? Where did they go then?
DAHLEY: My flashlight's dying... turn on that light.
FREEMAN: What light?
DAHLEY: That one, looks like they brought one with... (Pause). Holy. Fucking. Shit.
Someone (most likely Tabitha Leeds) screams.
FREEMAN: Out, get out... we have to get out of here.
DAHLEY: Fuck that, we have to find them. Holy shit. Whose blood is that?
FREEMAN: Let's go.
DAHLEY: Fuck that Alan! They could be lying around here hurt! We have to help them.
Someone (sounds like Tabitha Leeds) begins to cry.
FREEMAN: Come on Mike.
DAHLEY: We can't leave them.
FREEMAN: Mike! Come back! Hey!!
DAHLEY: (From a distance) We're gonna look for them first dammit!
FREEMAN: Come on Tabitha. Hey... I know... come on.
DAHLEY: (From a distance) Cut it out Dante! Leave th... HOLY SHIT!! ALAN GET OVER HERE!!
Sounds like running through leaves here. Barking of dog in distance gets louder.
FREEMAN: What? What's... (Pause) Holy shit.
LEEDS: Is that... oh my God, (Pause) Alan...
FREEMAN: Where's the camera? (Pause) Tabby!
LEEDS: ...huh?
FREEMAN: The camera! Where is it?
LEEDS: In my pack...
FREEMAN: Get a shot of that.
LEEDS: What? Fuck... Why?
FREEMAN: So the fucking police believe us that's why!
DAHELY: How is that going to... what the FUCK!
Tape is shut off.
Tape is turned back on.
LEEDS: Oh please, oh please, oh please... oh God, God, God, God, God... (Pause) Dante... please... Dante... good dog... good dog. (Long Pause). No. nononono, NO!!!
Sounds of a scuffle. Someone screams. Approx. one minute goes by.
LEEDS: Mommy? Mommy help me. (Pause) I want to go home... (Pause)... Cipher...
Someone says something unintelligible.
LEEDS: (From a distance) I didn't want to. I... unintelligible ...throw... unintelligible ...I can't... I can't. (Pause) Alan? (Pause). Alan?
FREEMAN: (From a distance) unintelligible ...here! It's here!
FREEMAN: Tabby? (Pause) Mike get... SHIT! MIKE!!!
DAHLEY: (From distance) What?
DAHELY: (Louder) What? I don't see... what!?
DAHLEY: Alan! I can't fucking see... what the fuck... Alan where did you...
LEEDS: Oh no, no, no, no, no, no.
A click is heard. The tape shifts to Side B.
LEEDS: (Moaning) Cats cradle, cats cradle, cats cradle...
Someone (most likely Mike Dahley) screams. Something heavy drags towards the recorder, getting louder. The dog barks once.
LEEDS: Finger Annie, Finger Annie, Finger Annie, Finger Annie...
FREEMAN: Tabitha, we have to get out of here. Tabby... TABBY!
LEEDS: Finger Annie, Finger Annie, Finger Annie...
Tape is shut off.
Tape is turned back on.
FREEMAN: ...rock. Help me Tabby. Shit I think my leg is broken. Tabby? Please?
LEEDS: What's in your hands Alan?
FREEMAN: What are you talking about? God dammit Tabby before that thing comes back!!
LEEDS: What thing?
FREEMAN: Tabby!!!!
LEEDS: What's in your hands Alan? What is that? What are your hands Alan?
LEEDS: Long Alan. Very long.
Tape is shut off.
Tape is turned back on.
LEEDS: Why did we come here? (Pause) There's blood on the rock.
Tape is shut off.
Tape is turned back on.
LEEDS: (Singing and Crying) Jesus loves me... this I know... cause the bible... (pause) tells me so.
SMITHSON: (Mouth sounds like it's full) Jesus Wept.
Tape is shut off.
Tape is turned back on.
Someone is whimpering. Impossible to tell who.
FREEMAN: (Barely audible) Dante...
Tearing sound. Wet sounds are audible.
Approx. two minutes goes by.
SMITHSON: N... Nanci?
FREEMAN: How long?
FREEMAN: Is long?
SMITHSON: Where... what's happening?
FREEMAN: (Straining) Ross. Trick or Treat. (Giggles. Coughs. Cough sounds wet.)
SMITHSON: Alan... is that?
LEEDS: Trick or Treat Ross.
SMITHSON: Tabby! It's N...
Sound of something scraping. Then a tearing sound. Then a wet sploosh like sound.
Someone (Most likely Ross Smithson) Screams.
LEEDS: There's your fucking number nine. (Pause) I was supposed to remember sixteen Alan. I remembered. (Long Pause) Alan? Unintelligible... yeah... right... (Giggles)
Scraping noises.
Something heavy falls.
Someone says something unintelligible.
Approx. seven minutes goes by.
Wet sploosh like sounds are audible.
Someone says something unintelligible.
A single sharp dog's yip is heard.
Tape is shut off.

Ginger Reeds Hospital
870 Middle Stream Road
Twin Valley, NY 11901

TO: James Fredricks
FROM: Terry Marlow
DATE: 11/3/02
SUBJ: Tabitha Leeds

  I received your request regarding Tabitha Leeds and I regret to tell you I will have to deny that request for the unforeseeable future. Miss Leeds has been unable to respond to any attempts to talk to her without extreme paranoia and rantings. We have had to sedate her almost around the clock since her arrival here on Friday morning. There is no way you'll be able to question her any time soon. Not only do I doubt she'd help your case any, there is no way I could allow it for her sake. As it was, late this afternoon she managed to rip one of her arm restraints off and smeared blood on the wall next to her bed screaming "There's a dog loose in the woods!" She drew a rather disturbing scene using her fingers as a paintbrush and her blood as paint. We took pictures of it so you can see them if you wish. Rather gruesome and perhaps important to the case. You'll have to fill me in on this local witch tale. I have never heard of Finger Annie, although looking at this picture, I might have an idea of what she's supposed to look like.
  You were correct about something however. Miss Leeds would not allow any female nurses to go near her except for one of them, a young woman named Heather Marshall. She has very short fingernails. Do I even want to know where you're going with that guess?
  I'll keep you abreast of Miss Leeds condition, but I wouldn't count on her help with what happened up there any time soon.
  By the way, I'm in for the poker game next Thursday if it's still on.

- Terry

Twin Valley Medical Examiners Office
1610 Long Neck Road
Twin Valley, NY 11901

TO: James Fredricks
FROM: Anthony Marello
DATE: 11/4/02
SUBJ: Walter Landers

  Just finished the autopsy on Walt. It's hard to tell exactly what was used to make those wounds, but I will tell you, it was NOT the fangs of a dog, like Timmy Landers said. The cuts are way too think and the slices too smooth. I know how adamant he was that a dog attacked his father, but look at it this way... those kids spent the entire night alone with the body of their dead father in the fucking woods. Who knows what trauma induced nightmares this gave them.
  As for your message about possible fragments in the wounds, I did find a few tiny pieces of something, but it's not too much help. There were small flecks of fingernail matter inside the wounds. They might have been from Walt himself as he tried to stop the blood flow from his throat. So far any DNA tests has been inconclusive. I'll keep at it until I find something. To answer another question before it even gets asked, there is no way someone could file fingernails sharp enough to do the damage this did. Let's not even get me started on this insane rumor going around, ok? This sort of crap pisses me off.
  Listen. The blood on the clothes of the two boys might actually help me a little, so get me those clothes as soon as possible.
  Hey, I'm really sorry. I know you and Walt were close. Don't worry, we'll find this asshole. I have to tell you though, Bill told me there's still an APB out for that kid, Freeman, but with all of the blood found at the crime scene from Thursday night, if that kid somehow survived, he's lucky as shit to be alive, and couldn't (in my opinion) have the strength to walk, much less attack and kill a Police Officer.
  Again, my condolences. Please share them also with Walt's family.

- Tony

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