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Transform is a collection of sites dealing with the topic of transformations, physical, mental, and spiritual, both real and in fiction.
Sites of general 'furry' interest are welcome too.

Services available to users for free include:

- 10MB web space (with CGI access) -
- Unix shell access -
- POP/IMAP accessable email account -
- Technical Assistance -

Transform will also gladly host and/or mirror archives (such as story archives) and will arrange things for advanced CGI sites (such as SQL databases, programming assistance, etc).

Also, if there is interest, I will be selling .transform.to domain names such as
fox.transform.to, bear.transform.to, etc.
They will be $12.50 for 2 years.
Proceeds will go to help support the Transform server
(which I currently fund out-of-pocket).

Transform is a service of the Integration Project a Co-operative Internet service. If you are interested in setting up a site on transform, or in one of the other Integration Project services (such as a mailing list) please email me: The Dragon De Monsyne <dragondm@integral.org>

The Integration Project is a project of


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