The guidelines for stories about BioScout are as follows:

  1. Anything may occur to them, but by the end of each story, no permanent damage must have befallen either of the main characters (i.e., Dr. Georgette LaPierre, alias BioScout and Dr. Carlton Waldorf Maldonato, who does not currently have an alias -- please discuss aliases with the author before assigning them. Public figures like the President of the United States are open targets -- have fun. Please also remember that BioScout is basically a big boyscout ... err ... girl scout and Maldonato is basically your closet evil genius.

  2. The name of the place where events are occurring is never actually named, unless she visits another superhero (e.g., Batman in Gotham City).

  3. BioScout's powers are limited to nearly instantaneous change into any female shape, animal or human, or any combination thereof, however, the power must match what would be found in real life. Thus, if BioScout were to want the night vision of a cat, she would need to have an eye that looked like a cat's. This includes the extremes of human or animal characteristics (e.g., no taller than the tallest human -- about 8'6" and no smaller than the smallest animal). No inanimate objects.

  4. Mass is conserved. This means that BioScout cannot grow without taking in mass (remember she eats a lot) or shrink without losing mass (e.g., severe diarrhea).

  5. Brain pan size is also an issue. Put BioScout's brain in the head of a mouse and she is effectively dead as a human being as she would not have space for the memories that make her human.

  6. BioScout rarely, if ever uses a costume. After all, she is a wanted criminal thanks to the good Doctor. Plus, I suspect she would scare a lot of people if they knew someone like her existed. Dr. Maldonato always hides in the background, rarely, if ever, coming into the public light.

  7. There may be other superheros around.

In case of questions, contact the author. It is not required, but it would be appreciated if first right of publication were offered to TSAT.