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E-mail addresses for the various TSAT departments

Yeah, we want feedback. We want to know what our faithful readers -- both of them -- think of what we're doing. All you need do is just end your e-mail here, and we (Bard and/or Cubist) will read it, guaranteed. Alternately, we've got a few e-mail addresses set up for various specific purposes, like so:

If you want to tell us about... Send it to...
 ...your opinion of the latest issue, or any component part thereof: Feedback
 ...a way-cool idea for a new story: Stories
 ...an author whose work TSAT might be interested in publishing: Stories
 ...an oldie-but-goodie for our series of Classic tales: Editor
 ...a way-cool idea for a new piece of artwork: Art
 ...an artist whose work belongs in TSAT's galleries: Art
 ...a nifty website that TSAT's readers might find interesting: Editor
 ...a nifty web-ring that TSAT should be a member of: Editor
 ...a way-cool idea for an article: Submissions
 ...a way-cool idea for something else entirely: Submissions
 ...a subject that just cries out for an article in TSAT: Topics
 ...some spiffy new Web-tech that we just have to use: Bard and Cubist
 ...a possible improvement in the site design: Editor
 ...something completely different, or at least not listed above: Editor

And, of course, if you want to send a private communique to either Bard or Cubist, that's fine too.

Special note: Not long after the first anniversary of our -- Bard's and Long's -- editorial regime, we noticed that a depressingly large percentage of the messages in TSAT's in-boxes were nothing useful or appropriate to us (i.e. story submissions, letters of comment, etc) but, rather, plain old spam. And we got to thinking that if we were getting spammed from the e-mail addresses in TSAT's pages, it was a pretty good bet that our authors were, too!

This, we decided, was Not Good™.

Therefore, it is now TSAT's policy to present e-mail addresses in a slightly mangled form, the better to make spammers' harvester-bots choke and die (God willing) -- or at least not collect our addresses any more. The particular alterations we've chosen to employ should not prove a major impediment to any human beings who wish to get in touch with our many authors (or even the editors); it should be fairly clear what we've done, and what you must do in order to obtain the real, intact address of whoever you want to get in touch with. We are not happy about making it even mildly more difficult for readers to get in touch with our authors (or editors), but given that the alternative is to continue being an unwitting accomplice to the spammers of the world, we feel that mangling our e-mail addresses is the lesser of two evils.

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