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TSAT forum -- reader feedback

This is the place where TSAT's readers can sound off in (something close to) real time -- or at least it will be. The main difficulty is this: How do we want to handle reader feedback? We're not sure. While there are a few different options we could pursue, none of them are entirely satisfactory.

Standard magazine-type "letter column"? Labor-intensive. Static (i.e. lacking the immediacy of interactivity).

Guestbook? Download time (can be inordinately long, especially if it gets to be as popular as we'd like). Unwieldy. Those bloody banners.

Online bulletin board? Download time, response time, very unwieldy, banners.

You see the difficulty. Since we, TSAT's ruling duumvirate, haven't been able to decide which way to go, we've decided to drop back 10 yards and punt: We're asking you which option you'd prefer! If somebody comes up with such an amazingly persuasive argument for their preference that we can't help but do it their way, we will; failing that, we'll go with whatever choice is least annoying to the greatest number of respondents.

What say you all?

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