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Guidelines for submitting art to TSAT

As you might expect, we're pretty easy as far as subject matter is concerned. As long as there's some sort of transformation involved, whether directly or by inference, we're happy. We don't care if it's furries, cyborgs, lycanthropes, victims of surgery or polymorph magick, or whatever else -- it's all good. Please to keep it PG at worst, however; regardless of the virtue (or lack thereof) intrinsic to pornographic images, TSAT is not an appropriate venue for displaying them.

TSAT is primarily interested in cover graphics; these should be square images, not animated, 320x320 pixels at a resolution of 72 ppi. Our preferred file formats are GIF and JPEG. We may or may not use images in other formats, dimensions, and/or resolutions. We may or may not use animated images.

Animated GIFs are the only flavor of moving picture that TSAT even might be interested in. Don't even bother trying to send us anything with a sound track (i.e. QuickTime, .AVI, or Macromedia Flash files, et cetera), because whatever it is, we simply won't use it.

If you've gotten this far and you still want to submit a work of art to TSAT, go directly to the release form -- do not pass Go, do not collect $200 -- fill in the blanks appropriately, and e-mail us the completed form. Simple, eh?

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