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Writers' contract with TSAT

Being an agreement regarding the work [title], between you, [name of author], and us (TSAT's ruling duumvirate, Michael Bard and Quentin Long), effective as of [date].

Your end of the agreement
First: You guarantee that [title] is your own work.
Second: You guarantee that [title] has not been posted to any online venue where there would be a reasonable expectation of mass exposure in the 12 months immediately before the cover date of the issue [title] will appear in; such online venues include, but are not limited to, the TSA-Talk mailing list and Fictionmania.
Third: You guarantee that you have the right to grant us the use of [title].

Our end of the agreement
We will work with you to improve the quality of [title] as needed. We will not modify [title] for purposes of editing without your written consent. However, we reserve the right to inflict on [title] whatever technological modifications -- i.e. converting it to HTML, et cetera -- we deem proper.
As long as we maintain [title] on our website, it will bear a copyright notice in your name. We will not register [title] with the Copyright Office; if you want it to be so registered, that's something you'll have to do yourself. At any time after the cover date of the issue your work appears in, you can withdraw your permission to publish. You do this by giving written notice (via e-mail) to our managing editor. Whatever date we receive this notice on, we'll remove [title] from our website within one week of that date.

You grant us the non-exclusive right to publish your work, entitled [title], on our website for the two-month period specified by the cover date of the issue containing [title]. You agree that you won't post this work to any online venue of mass exposure during this period. After this two-month period is over, you can post your work online or not, to any venue great or small, as you choose.
Whatever other rights you may have to the work are not affected by this agreement and still belong to you.

Michael Bard and Quentin Long
Managing Editors

[name of author]



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