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In which TSAT's valued contributors sound off on exactly which transformation-themed novels, movies, comic books, short stories, etc, are any damn good. The number in parentheses is the issue in which the review in question appeared.

Michael W. Bard
  Cluster (43)
  The Rebel Worlds (44)
  The Shape-Changer's Wife (42)

Andy Hollis
  Transmutation Now! (12)

Sideshow Lew
  Anonymous Rex (28)
  Futaba-Kun Change (26)
  Great Apes (28)
  Growing Wings (28)
  the Kedrigern Chronicles: The Domesticated Wizard (28)
  Uzumaki: Spiral into Horror (28)
  A Voyage to Arcturus (26)
  Willard (28)
  Zuntig (26)

Quentin Long
  Half Human Half Animal (31)
  Corpus Lupus (38)

Keith Morrison
  Experiment Eleven (42)

E. H. Wrangler (writing as Brother Equinus Christian)
  Wes Craven's Cursed (39a)

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