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Bennett City (BNC)

For years, Andy Hollis had been writing stories set in Bennett City, West Virginia. Hollis believed that 'Bennett City' was a wholly fictitious product of his imagination, up until the day that one of his Bennett City characters showed up at his house; bitched about his writing; and somehow made Hollis an involuntary emigrant to Bennett City. Once there, Hollis had many interesting and exciting adventures, and in the fullness of time, a number of his friends (offline and online) got forcibly transferred over to Bennett City as well.

Bennett City is a setting with a very high level of magic, especially where the protagonists are concerned. Its backstory incorporates a millennia-long conflict between Good and Evil, as personified by the so-called "Lord of Light" and "Lord of Shadow". As well, Bennett City is a light-hearted setting, extremely G-rated and almost relentlessly cheerful. While there are designated Bad Guys, successful acts of villainy are strictly of the 'off camera' variety; any time a villain is 'on camera', some well-chosen smart-assed remarks from a child will stymie him, guaranteed. As well, the consumption of food is the only bodily function which is ever referred to, even by implication; characters are physically unable to swear; and the Good Guys always, but always, win.

The tales of the main Bennett City plotline should be read in this order:

All This and I Can Fly, Too, (Andy Hollis & Paul Carmichael)
In an interdimensional power struggle, Andy is transported to Bennett City, age-regressed and threatened with death.

Talrin's Great Adventure, (Paul Carmichael & Andy Hollis)
Having been pulled into Bennett City to help Andy, Paul decides to have some fun of his own.

The Elven Wizard, (Andy Hollis)
With his wits -- and some fun magic -- Andy forges a place for himself and his family in the world of Bennett City.

Mercenaries of the Light, (Paul Carmichael)
The boys take their family for a vacation -- ah, um -- an adventure.

The Scarlet Whatnot, (Andy Hollis & Paul Carmichael)
The end is near as the boys seek the sword of power. Of course they also have to decide who's the rightful heir to the sword.

The Wizard's Apprentice, (Andy Hollis)
Who is the real Wizard and why does it seem like everyone is out to kill him?

The Wizard and the Angel, (Andy Hollis & Jason Mitchell)
Bennett City: Fun romp through the multiverse, or "Don't let this happen to your stories" object lesson?

Since BNC is explicitly a multiversal setting, it should come as no surprise that various stories which never touch Bennett City proper are nonetheless part of the overall setting. They should be read in this order:

Songs of Power: Songs of Change, (Paul Carmichael)
A boy with a dream gets it as the world faces extinction.

Day of the Gods, (Andy Hollis)
The exciting conclusion of Songs of Power: Songs of Change.

The Pact, (Andy Hollis)
Strange things are happening to Larry. His family seems to know about it, but why won't they help him?

Welcome to the Hole, (Jason Mitchell)
A chance encounter in a park turns a man's life upside-down.

A Piece of the Miracle, (Jason Mitchell & Andy Hollis)
People begin changing. Is it a disease or an act of god?

This setting was created by Andy Hollis. It is open only to Hollis, or authors hand-picked by him.

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