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Darkspire Park (DSP)

The DSP setting revolves around a most unusual theme park, whose rides and attractions can be a life-altering experience of the most literal kind. Much is left unexplained. For example, Darkspire Park's proprietor appears to command vast magical powers, but we are not told whether he/she/it is a high-grade wizard himself, or the custodian of a powerful magical artifact, or what. Given that all transformations induced at the Park are of the "poetic justice" variety, it would appear that the proprietor is acting as a force for Good -- but again, we are not told why he/she/it has gone to such elaborate lengths as the creation, staffing, etc, of an entire theme park.

The three stories in this setting are as follows:

In The Screaming Giggler, an uncouth roller-coaster fanatic becomes precisely the sort of person he formerly despised most in this world.

An abusive stepfather and son, together with their main victims, all get their just desserts on the Dragon's Breath flume ride.

Mysterious agents discover it's not a good idea to Hijack a shipment intended for Darkspire Park.

This setting was created, and all stories in it written, by Hawkyn.

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