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List Transformed (LTF)

Remember this moment: 23 January, 2001, at 2:00 PM EST. That's when the membership of the TSA-Talk mailing list... changed. Nothing like this Event had ever happened before, and nothing after; it was wholly and entirely unique in all of human history. On that exact date and time, each TSA-Talk subscriber acquired the form in which they had invested the most attention and creativity, regardless of whether that form was their personal favorite, or one they'd written (or drawn) the most about, or whatever else.

The LTF setting was explicitly created to explore the question of how the Real World would respond to mysterious physical transformations. Thus, the Event is the only 'fantasy'-type element in this setting. Any violations of physical law which may have occurred are strictly limited to the Event proper. In LTF, there is no magic; no globe-spanning secret conspiracies; no truly 'mythical' creatures; no extraterrestrial aliens; et cetera ad nauseum.

One of TSAT's editors, Cubist, actively maintains an archive of LTF stories as one wing of his website.

The LTF setting is open to all writers, who are invited to peruse the LTF guidelines.

The setting's creator, BlueNight, reserves the right to declare any concept or story non-canonical for his universe.

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