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Winds of Change (WoC)

In the Winds of Change universe, all human beings transform into some sort of hybrid creature, part-human and part-whatever, when they hit puberty. About 2/3 of all humans acquire exotic abilities, super-powers straight out of a comic book, as part of the deal. The global transformation is a relatively recent development, and it's apparently due to a collision between two parallel universes; one inhabited by humans, the other by anthropomorphic sentients of various types.

WoC is an essentially benign setting. For one thing, there are a number of unpleasant consequences which should logically follow from its basic premises, but nevertheless have never been observed in any WoC story. In addition, many serious problems of the Real World are irrelevant, comparatively harmless, or solved outright, thanks to either the global transformation itself or a variety of historical events which occurred differently in the WoC universe. A large percentage of WoC stories are 'coming of age' tales, dealing with a young person's passage from human to... whatever it is he'll be for the rest of his life.

Those of you who are interested in reading more WoC stories will find the Transformation Stories Archive to be an excellent place to start looking for them.

This story universe was created by Jon Sleeper. It is open to all comers. Mr. Sleeper reserves the right to declare any concepts or characters unsuitable for WoC.

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