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It's back. It's back -- and just in time. After a year without them, the surveys are back. This issue the survey asks what story was your favorite of all the stories in our first year. Also back is Oren the Otter with another Otter's Ponderings and more otterish fun. Oren also provides us with another interview -- this time with Ian Williams, artist extraordinaire, who has graced us with several examples of his work. Deranged Kitsune has provided reviews of two more furry sites worthy of a visit in his continuing column, The Kitsune Files; Aatheus Centauri has taken quill to hoof again in his column, Hoofnotes; and your favorite editor is doing his level best to shake you up in the bimonthly editorial.

This is our TG issue, but I'll tell you ahead of time that only one of these is your traditional story of transgender change. We've got four new ones and one from the archives for you.

From the archives, and one of my personal favorites, comes Penny Wishes 3: Speak Only Truth. This was written by a dear departed friend, Captain Webster with an alternate ending provided by Dr. Isosceles.

The new stories are Darkspire: The Screaming Giggler by Hawkyn. Hawkyn notes that this will be the beginning of a new story universe, but if you expect more, you had better let him know that you want to see them. Andy Hollis is back with The Everlasting Gift, about a lad with the ability to become absolutely anything he can imagine himself to be. My story for this issue is From Fire, From Ice and it's about two years in the life of a physician from Alaska who gradually changes gender. Finally, we welcome a new author to our family. Indiana Jones has written The Magic-strate, asking what happens to the magic business when the lawyers get involved?

What else is new? Why don't you come on in and find out?

Jeffrey M. Mahr
November 14, 1999

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