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Darkspire: The Screaming Giggler
by Hawkyn

The first of what we hope will be a recurring series of stories set in a very unusual amusement park.

The Everchanging Gift
by Andy Hollis

What would you do if you could suddenly become anything, and I mean anything, you could imagine yourself to be?

From Fire, From Ice
by Jeffrey M. Mahr

"Doctor, Heal Thyself." Alaskan doctor and bush pilot Charlie Dawson believed in that principle, until he made a rather unusual discovery.

The Magic-strate
by Indiana Jones

America is a highly litigious country, but suing a Djinn for wrongful wish fulfillment?

Penny Wishes 3:
Speak Only Truth

by Captain Webster
with an alternative ending by Dr. Isosceles

Captain Webster is gone, but his work lives on in this magical tale of a boy who always tells the truth. Edited from his original rough draft to enhance its readability, this version includes an alternate, extended ending offered by Dr. Isosceles as homage to a friend missed by all who knew him.

WARNING: This story contains some explicit language and images. While we feel it is within the "R" rating we strive for, some may be offended. Please consider this when deciding whether to read it.

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