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Dirty Dishes
by CloverBunny

Sometimes life's little lessons come in the most unusual ways.

The Elven Wizard
by Andy Hollis

It's been difficult, but Andy managed to get another story out from Bennett City. It's got ghosts and girls, wizards and elves, and more transformations than you can shake a magic wand at.

by Justin Vae

Our first poem -- by another new member to the TSAT family. I won't try to explain it, but it's definitely worth reading. I expect big things in this author's future.

Morphing For Millions
by Paul Carmichael

Vanna, Regis, eat your hearts out. This is a real game show.

by TripTych

In a world where everyone has changed one man remains human.

Welcome to the Hole
by Jason Mitchell

His name was Corey, not Alice, and there was no White Rabbit, but strange things started happening after a chance meeting in the park... and then they just kept happening.

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